Richter balancing

I like every hero as every hero has a purpose that makes them good, Richter his purpose is to tank up and decrease armor on enemies, but that’s all, no special hp or damage buff, what I would say, is make him more viable, what about making his gold give him a slightly better armor buff and a minor damage buff, ooooor, make his weapon when he is in cover for so long, decrease armor on the enemy and give his silver a 25% quicker recharge, this will make him more powerfuller at decreasing armor and making him more worth being in cover

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Took a look, I kind of see what you guys mean, sorry if I did anything in a bad way, I’m not trying to bother anyone but as english isn’t my main language and also a different culture ITS sometimes hard to understand the way other people are receiving

How does Richter’s current place in the game affect you? What are you experiencing when playing him? Don’t focus on how you would fix him. Focus on the problem. That’s a good place to start.


I don’t see him being effective enough at his purpose, which is mostly tanking and chewing trough armored enemies

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my personel experiance plaing with him is that hes, uhh…he feels like he slacking in terms of what makes a good hero.

Richter is absolute garbage and only useful in war

Richter isn’t horrible, and he’s surprisingly powerful at platinum, though he seems to be assigned the wrong class. Dies pretty easily considering he’s supposed to be a tank. Would be better suited as damage.

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In the 80k+ range in pvp I never see him. Maybe he’s good in lower power pvp matches. But not top tier

Same, I don’t see him as very viable as he rarely can withstand the onslaught at higher levels. He’s not supposed to move, which makes him that much more of a target.

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Then this seems like a good change to me

For me Richter is on a specific team for bounties and that’s it. He has decent power for war. But I choose my teams based on their synergy with other heroes and to me Richter is a standalone he doesn’t do much for other teammates. And other teammates don’t improve him. Personally I prefer Oro cause he has a skill that hits everybody and synergy with other heroes.

folks lets keep something in mind…a concept that we keep forgetting about as we place so much importance on PVP value in our heroes: Not every hero is meant, or should be meant, for PVP. Campaign, Bounty, Coops, Solo raids, etc. all have aspects where certain heroes that are seemingly awful at PVP are really awesome. I have recently discovered that Carabina is quite fabulous in Coops; by the mid to end of the mission she can easily have 6 pathfinders in place (I think I got 9 up by the end of city hall once). Contrastingly, Carabina is a no-go for PVP…at least for me.

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Carabina maxes pathfinder at 10. She also has fantastic dps on her weapon and 2nd skill triggers halo. She is decent in multiple game modes and buffs other heroes. Not best comparison to Richter. But she is underrated by players.

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It’s like baron you hear people complain all the time about baron. But add keel, cinder, halo to line with baron, his abilities improve theirs and they improve his. It’s synergy they mesh. This is not necessarily the case that I have found for anyone besides kunoichi who uses Richter stun to improve her damage. Hence I only use Richter in bounties to increase kunoichi damage through stuns. If he wasn’t in game I would use a different stunner.

I do have a question about his armor reducing skill it only reduces mech armor. So does that mean the only benefit of it is against heroes with mech armor or do all heroes have mech armor and it doesn’t show those stats. If it only effects mech heroes then it only helps bio heroes if all heroes have mech armor then it would only help mech heroes.

Ooh, I can answer that!

So, the way the game is set up, when we’re doing Skill descriptions, when you talk about Elemental Armor, it shows the current Hero’s Element. That means that if Richter’s Skill reduces Elemental Armor, it’ll say “reduces Elemental Armor by [Mech Symbol 8,000” or so, because there’s no universal symbol for Elemental Armor.

It’s a limitation of the system. Richter reduces all Elemental Armor, not just mech, but Mech is shown because that’s his element.


Perfect thank you! Does his elemental attack damage increase the skill amount?

If that hit multiple targets the armor reduction would be sweet for heroes like Alvarez. Thank you for the clarification that helped a ton as I haven’t understood it from the beginning. Which means salvatore also increases the elemental damage of all heroes and not just bio!

Well, not for Salvatore, no. In his case, his skill description says only allied bio heroes are affected. If that caveat wasn’t there, then yes, it would provide Elemental Damage regardless of showing Bio Chem. But it only affects Bio Chem Heroes, unfortunately.