Be better than DECA

When DECA took over they never once did a guilded event and pretty much did nothing when They took over. Be better than DECA

Deca wasn’t bad, they improved over Hotheads faults in many places. They know everyone wanted a guilded event, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it happen, and since that’s the case I have a feeling the same will happen with the new owners.

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Deca actually listened to the community and not just place outright ban when they got criticized. Thats is loads better than hothead. #willow4president

Listening and actually doing something are two completely different things. Muninn was the only one who was ban happy when it came to hh

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The guilded crate event was in the coding of the game already. Deca was just lazy and didn’t change anything for the game. Crazy you still defend them every chance you get

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Dude, it was an extremely popular and highly requested event, if they could have made it happen they would have. You say it’s “in the coding of the game” still, but maybe it’s not. You don’t know, only they do.

Yes I’ll defend deca on some points, sure they have many faults of their own, and I have my own personal disagreements with how they ran the game, but I’ll defend them they didn’t do anything wrong. And no, I don’t defend them at everything every chance I get, they’ve done some not so great things imo, such as the astral and void fragment limitations for the sake of gambling on crates, which is just… ehh I’ll say that for another time. Point is, I ain’t a 100% deca love, but they are better than Hothead ig…

As another old CM (even if he’s a hated one to many) once said:

I have no doubt in my mind, that if implementing and bringing back the gilded event was as easy as you think it is, then they absolutely would have done it.

It all comes down to one work laziness

Don’t feed the negative troll. If it cant see anything positive with the change, its not worth the breath to argue.