Bounty Event Issue


We are aware that there is an ongoing problem with the Bounty Event. It was reported and we will do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience!

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I’m glad you’re fixing it but I think compensation should be done as well bucks are being wasted on those summons thank

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Genuinely curious who keeps flagging these posts lol

Que bueno que se pueda solucionar,y seguir disfrutando del juego

It’s good that it can be solved, and continue enjoying the game

I really have now lost all hope that this game will recover from the disastrous takeover by DECA. Its excuse after excuse and the recompense we are given is useless to anyone above level 10. This time it’s putting on a bounty event with a required hero who hasn’t even been released (not that they’ll admit to that).


So, weren’t you guys the ones who said you wouldn’t release stuff til it was tested? And that’s why the delays?

Time to hire an actual QC team that’s not just concerned with animations but actual gameplay.


You told us you will release only the best tested results and that’s the reason for the delays… The bounty is getting worst… The white entries are accumulating in the hunt and soon it will be full… Do something about it…The game is ruined after DECA took over, sincerely… Giving worst updates… Time lags… Too much problems with events and also they took away the specialist token crates…


The more we summons bounty, the bucks needed is increasing… And the so resulted summons can not be hunted…

Is this the way DECA wants to burnt our bucks?


And so sincerest apologies can return our used bucks?

So poll – whats worse? This or when HH under powered the servers and the bounty was crashing?

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Yes, we’re doing our best to fix it. Thanks for the understanding! :v:

We totally understand your emotions about this. The mistake is clearly ours and we would never try to hide this. We just need to learn our lessons and improve. Once again, sincere apologies.

Hey, it was tested. Unfortunately, something still seems to be out of order. Looking for the culprit as we speak.

Hey, yes it was tested. We were surprised that there’s an issue too. We will definitely do our best to learn from this mistake and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Hey. This was reported as well, we even have a video from a player. Working on it too.

Ya I also become the victim of little bug in event
The health bar is automatically vanish…how?
But now a relax for me that community is working on it

Have you tried any basic troubleshooting options like restarting or clearing cache? It sounds like a visual issue.

In my humble opinion, the first mistake was once again a bounty event during the work week


code breaker (2)

@bulls.eye thank you for returning here again and again as the issues get addressed. We appreciate it.

We were told that anything related with the update would be tested before it is released.
The update was not released.

Not sure why people are grouping what was said to what is happening in game in relation to structure testing with the update when they’re talking about current game play issues and it’s testing before release with respect to the update that is not released.
Some of you are making unnecessary incorrect and misleading comments.

Of course there was no need to test a regular game event that already works.
So the bounty mishap is clearly an oversight knowing the update was not completed and the simple issues of the new hero that’s not ready to be included in bounty was a simple unrealized oversight, nothing more.

For everyone who plays the game it seems too obvious but I warn you that’s not fair from an outside point of view to assume such things would be recognized and forethought of because of what’s routine for us with much time playing is not routine for them or it would have been easily recognized to stop those new hero bounties from populating.

For us it’s routine and It’s clear we should understand that such things and expectancies come with time as it did for us when we started and did not know the routine of bounty 2 weeks away at a time before you see the next one until you got used to it.
People forget this and their expectations do not consider this for the development team nor do they include any mishaps that can occur.
Coding problems happen. Oversights happen. Stuff happens. This early on how can you even say otherwise that it’s not supposed to happen.

On a regular bounty weekend schedule the event would be 90% over on Monday before anything would start to be done. HHG went on once and then again to help on the weekends and did away with that quickly and long ago. Did we ever have bounty problems?, Man, we had to wait 3 days before someone would say ok we’re working on it. You better believe it.

We are lucky this occurred during the week and not a deserted weekend without ongoing feedback to keep us informed. thank you @bulls.eye .

Especially over a simple oversight that involves the hero with game play and the ramifications that affect the event that is being addressed now,
This includes connection issues. I didn’t have any so it wasn’t widespread.
Still I know many are frustrated as well but it doesn’t mean everyone was affected.

You have to look at what it is and stop drawing and making conclusions on what it isn’t.
Isn’t it enough that It’s frustrating for everyone that’s affected without misleading statements.


Will we be given some of our wasted dollars to make up for our paid summoning?