Best heroes for Bounties?

Highest DPS heroes for Bounties? Like Carabina or Fischer.

best to use the bonus heroes for bounty. others well it depends since stats change from time to time.

I recommend carabina. She alone with a normal team can take down the standard 33 million bounty.
Though. Working on the bonus factions is the best. Mostly. Especially now and next bounties there will be some good boosted heroes. Keep an eye out and work on those you need

Kunoichi Surge Alcatraz is a deadly combo. Root the enemy with Surge ASAP, then use Kunoichi and attack. Repeat on 2nd wave.

You need Kunoichi at least gold and Alcatraz at least platinum to take full advantage. Rooting with Surge activates Kuno’s gold skill and Al’s plat skill.

my favorites in bounties are the following:

Halo, Kyoshi, Krieger+Marianas is yum

Min, refreshes skills
Yeager,king of beams

All use bonus hero’s and hero’s with lingering effects such as purifier, maven etc.,

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