Best way to spend gold for vip0

As I cant get 10x hero crates, what’s the best way to spend my gold?

I would wait for the tier crate if you really want to buy a crate, you will get a better deal then the 10x crate anyway. However gold can be useful to buy stamina if you are a hard mission focused account for farming, buy doublers for alliance gems maybe with war, bounty and crate coming to an end soon meaning at least 10k gems to be earned there.

I cant stress it enough, but I’ll try. SAVE YOUR GOLD. Avoid spending it except when very needed. Personally, I spend my gold on only 3 things: the new hero crate and booster crate, and the 7-star crate (kurtz, artemis,prophet). So, unless you think a deal is really a steal (ex. 60 hero frags plus more for 99), hold on to your gold
Disclaimer: this is a suggestion. Whether you follow or not depends on you

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Wait for a crate that’s 1349 worth of gold that gives you 10 heroes. the first nine heroes won’t give you seven star heroes, but the last crate has a chance of seven star if you’re lucky.

It’s a great 10x crate deal that is bought with a half price minus 1 gold of original price.


I’m a new player . What’s a tier crate? And are the doubles for pvp and gauntlet gems not good? Are the alliance gems better?

How often does this come up? Can VIP 0 ca
buy this?

The 1349 crate deal appears very rarely.
It might happen soon, or will happen in the distant time, It’s unpredictable, so I don’t know.

And everyone can buy the crate with no vip limitation. Im a vip 0 player, and I always buy these deals.

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What else do you buy apart from this?

and booster crates that gives you new hero of the month frags. faction crates are also recommended, but that’s upto your choice.

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Alliance gems are useful because you can spend 300 gems a day and get 5 random frags in the store, this means every day you get the chance to unlock a new hero, perfect for new players. Plus you can buy some gear items for platinum level but that might be a while before you get there

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You can also spend 500 gems to get 5 fragments in the pvp and gauntlet store too right? Did I miss something here?

This is true, 1 win (100 gems) = 1 frag but PVP is not for everyone in this game, it took me a while before I started enjoying it because I didn’t have any of the meta toons and everyone else did, unless you get lucky and get a good toon early on you may not enjoy pvp that much so alliance gems are a safe bet and all round good currency to double because of all the events that reward gems in comparison to pvp gems which are only rewarded for playing pvp and playing pvp events

how do you get alliance gems apart from doing patrol? Most of the patrols are too difficult for me to even start them

You can earn alliance gems by taking part in patrols, taking part in war and by taking part in bounty. Those 3 things will give you a majority of your gems, you get a lump sum at the end of bounty and war for completing the event and after a week when your patrol crate opens you also get a bunch of gems. Some events will also provide gems so when on the mission screen click events on your lower left and click the coming soon, see if any events are currently on or coming that will provide you with gems :slight_smile:

thanks a lot! appreciated

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Being VIP0 myself, some crates are great as mentioned above, but here are crates to avoid unless you are a VIP1 or higher:

  • PvP crates are tier crates and tier crates are crates that for every open, your chances of getting the featured hero or a 7* hero. But the price is actually damn high and you could only afford it once or twice.
  • Gold crates. Give yourself time to roam around the forums and you’ll see people asking how to undo gold crate purchases by actual gold. Huge waste and the rewards are laughable.
  • Bounty crates are more ‘meh’, since it’s a crate where the heroes in the featured faction has a higher chance to get. It’s basically a hero crate plus 100 gold.

are tier crates only available at a specific time? i dont see it now

Tier crates are sold at specific times, it is unknown when they will be sold but keep an eye out for them, check back every day when looking at the crates available they will always be to the far left and are around 1000 gold for 10x heros and sometimes some extra rewards such as energy, cash or gems.

that sounds a really good deal to me! thanks a lot

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The concept of a tier crate is good as well as the rewards increase the more of the crates you buy, however with 10 tiers you can see it getting pricey at 10k gold to unlock all the tiers. If you are lucky however sometimes the price is vastly reduced and around tier 4/5 you may get a free crate. You can usually see what the tier options are by clicking “see all tiers” when you look at the crate :slight_smile: