Biochem and Energy Heroes Gold

Hello, which Energy and Biochem Heroes would you suggest are worth getting to Gold? I already have Gammond,Butter,Heckler,Mandrake,Maven and Moss on Gold.

Halo, Hivemind, Phalanx, Fortress, Cast, Nightingale, Heimlock

Would help if you tell us which heroes you have since there are so many energy and biochem heroes. Salvatore’s gold is also quite good and most people have him.

Ok, thanks I dont have Phalanx, Heimlock and Halo.

But… he did… :joy:

There is some great irony in your post :laughing:

Re-read the original post. He states which heroes he already has AT GOLD and wants to know what OTHER heroes would be good at gold.

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Do you think halo is still worth getting to gold

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