Which heroes should I try to get soon and which of them should I focus on upgrading early on?

Hi guys, I am quite new to this game, and I was wondering which heroes should I focus on getting/maxing out, and if you can also suggest me some team comps if it ain’t too much, thank you! I’ve also attached a photo with what I’ve got so far. Also, is it a good idea keeping all of the heroes at max level/skill level ? Or should I just focus on keeping idk…5-10?

Mandrake and heimlock. Mandrake has what is considered the best gold in the game, and heimlock has a really good gold that helps squishier heroes survive a lot longer.

Like Nham said, Mandrake and Heimlock are both extremely powerful heroes and should probably be your top priority.

I’d add though that from the heroes you have, I’d really focus effort into Dogface, Nightingale, Panzer, and Razorback. Beyond that, you have some solid heroes in Keel, Ifrit, Maven, and Halo. (Note that Ifrit and Halo don’t truly shine until their platinum skill is unlocked.)