Black Heroes

Can we please have a black hero that has great damage and isn’t a glass cannon? The current black heroes are either not very good or are strictly support. I would like to have a black hero that is great for DPS so that I may have more cool heroes that look like me. (Please no negative, prejudice, or racist responses). (S)he could even be modeled after T’Challa!


This is one of the wierder requests I’ve seen on this forum… and I been around here for a while, lol


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I think a hero like this would stand out, idk

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MORE :clap:t6: BLACK :clap:t6: HEROES :clap:t6: Get to it, Hero concept creators!

There are only like, two Hispanic/Latino Heroes

It’s weird to ask for more minority representation? I can tell you are speaking from a place of privilege. Please exit the thread.

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YES! More heroes of color in general!!!

Yes!! He looks awesome!!

Baron isn’t a glass cannon. He’s a pretty decent tank in the right line up, can’t forget butters

sss, first thing first, calm down.
Second, if you actually think about it, in the whole HH, any heroes are considered “black” are mostly supports. Baron deals damage, but he falls in the catagory of “support” since his abilities support other heroes to their full potential (Cinder, Keel, etc.). Butter is a very annoying support and can keep your allies going for whole periods of time, but damage-wise, not so much.

I guess what yes dude here is saying, the whole game consists of two blacks. Add more blacks but with diversity to them, not to create them to support their team.

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First of all, learn the definition of begging. I merely made a suggestion/asked a question. If I feel that all of the current black heroes are not an adequate representation, then I am fully justified in saying so. I don’t have to just accept what is given blindly. You are basically telling me to accept what we have and shut up. That’s not cool. This is a COMMUNITY FORUM! Created so the community can make suggestion and provide feedback. If you don’t like what is said here, go find another thread to troll. Many people make suggestions


Thank you! This is exactly what I am saying.

Well, I aim to please

As a white person, I agree with you that the game needs more representation of PoC.
I think it’s cool to have some middle eastern heroes in there, and Hivemind is definitely Indian. As for blacks, don’t forget Francoise! She can deal very good damage if things go her way.

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Thank you so much for your reply and support. It is really appreciated. I have Fran, but struggle to find a good team for her in PVP. She is excellent in campaign. But also, her skills are merely based in support although her basic is pretty nice

You’re right, we need more black heroes. :slight_smile:

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71 heroes in total.

Francoise, Steele, Butter, Oro, Baron, Richter, Phoenix we know are black.

some heroes i dont count since they are robots.

some idk what nationality they are since they are masked/covered head to toe.

out of the heroes listed, it might be small but remember that the game is growing. and with growth comes more heroes etc.


I feel that there are no Eskimo heroes in this game. As a person of Eskimo ethnicity I find Hero Hunters extremely discriminatory, racist and an insult to the fair and just world that we live in.

This is 2019, folks! Everyone must be represented.

If we are not, we bang on tables until we are. Politics shall invade all areas of life, including a phone game.

Create an Eskimo hero for me please.

If there already is an hero of Eskimo descent (but there isn’t)… I want a rezzer. It would not be acceptable to just have a token Eskimo, like a support or shielder or whatever. Fuck tokenism!


We all know Halo is appropriating Eskimo culture by wearing a fuzzy jacket. :joy:


OK, you made fair points there, gotta agree and to be fair, YesLawd did ask for a specific black is kinda racist (I guess, IDK these things very well) and yes, blacks are not so special (plx do not take this as an insult, iDK how these work) to take priority. Why not Asians, why not (insert a race)? BTW, who’s OP?

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@HecklerP OP is Original Poster aka YesLawdIDeserveMoreBlacks