Butter buff?

Recently saw another thread that claimed butter was op, alongside some other heroes. I’m not looking to start arguements, just looking to leave some critical feedback on butters current implementation. Butter is a brilliantly designed hero, perfectly fits his place in the campaign, and is a pretty good hero. He’s not overpowered tho. He’s unfortunately very squishy, shields are pretty weak, and is almost always the first to die, as mechanical dps heroes are very common. Trying to avoid giving my solutions or being too descriptive, so the simplest way to put it is just he’s not overpowered, he’s pretty weak and very frustrating to use because he taunts to shield himself. He’s next to unusable in campaign. Hoping a dev sees this, maybe we can get a buff?

Btw the other thread is @ Butter, Keel, Castellan, Min & Phalanx should/must be nerfed? Might be wrong link a little worried lol. Super interesting, I agree with a lot of what they say.

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