Black ice skin Oro

Question, will the black ice skin from Oro also be added to the vault crate?
It is the only rare skin I’m missing.
And all other rare skins are already in the crate. I was waiting for some updates to see if it gets added, but still nothing :confused:
Or will it be made available to get the skin on another way?

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Rare event skins are eventually added there, not sure how long they are usually held back though.


Skin vaults always have chances to unlock any skin present (either you can’t unlock those skins by nano dust or can) it doesn’t matter.
It just depends upon your luck.

Telling this as per my experience.

The skin drop pool is shown if you click on “i”, Black Ice is not there.

What? Then either my friend lied to me or he used some herbs to get that skin… Let me ask to him.

Well…i checked that again… You can get that skin if u r lucky with skin vault.

Strange… because it’s not marked on the info from the crate that this skin is in it.
Maybe a moderator can confirm or deny this?

They’re event skins…what I observed is… Only those skins r marked in info which can be unlocked by nano dusts…But, skin vaults allow u 2 unlock any skins(depends upon ur luck basically,it’s all about algorithms)…That’s all I can say.

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