Black market

How long it’ll take to devs to resolve this glitch? I buy gold light helmets and recieve other crap (bronze fuel cells).

I have another bug – I buy 1 platinum rifle (always this equipment and always 1 part) but then when market is refresh game undo this and I still have previous amount of equipment before buying.

Yes, its the same problem.

The workaround is to not purchase anything unless you first back out of the store and fully refresh it. This happens when you spend too much time in the same session. The game can’t properly refresh stock visually. But, if you back out and go back in, or even force close the game and re-start entirely, you’ll have a better time.

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YES! I have the same thing happening! it is very not nice. I spend very important resources on the purchase of what I have a lot. but I see how if I bought what I need. this is a lottery. casino. Some kind of Las Vegas :frowning:

thanks. at least so)

Also happens in several other stores such as Heronium. I pretty much just force close the game at resets to make sure everything is updated now. I have spent 2500 heronium on junk I don’t need one to many times thinking it was ninja stars or swords.

I’ve contacted support about this and I was told they have no intention of fixing it. I have the screen shot to prove it

Most websites don’t change content unless you click the refresh button.

If you have a tablet, and set power saving to never turn off; your game account kind of goes offline. You don’t appear online with green dot, but if a coop request comes in it pops up. You can accept the coop usually.

Everything else seems to go offline and needs the game to be rebooted. Chat as well.

Just change store and back to the store you were. Don’t even need to close the game and open again.

Yeah I kow I can do that. But why this problem is not persistent in PvP shop?

I don’t know mate. I am only saying is not the biggest issue.

I’ll give you an example where I do think is more important then this. In a pvp event hero people won’t use any event hero. Tell me what you think about that. You try as hard as you can to get point but comes another guy that just gets 150k points per game. Using a meta team to go against the event heroes. Most of people know you gonna be using dogface or hardscope in this event of pvp and what they use is an astrix or cinder team with no event heroes. In a pvp event you should have at least one event hero. And that where HH should look into it. My opinion though

It’s a case of give and take though. Players using 1 or no meta heroes will gain VERY few points compared to those gaining 10-30x the amount with featured heroes. If I win a game and only get 150k points, and you win one and get over a million it evens out? You only need to win 1 for every 6-7 I would need to win for the same points.

Regardless, this is irrelevant to this thread. We are discussing an actual bug/issue with the game and servers. You are discussing something you don’t like the intended mechanics of. The resets should also force refresh stores. A lot of newer players have no idea they need to restart and will waste valuable resources on junk.

Really? I m not aware it happens to other stores as well. I need to be more careful.

Irrllevent to this thread, but I run non event heroes only, specifically for people like you to respond this way. Thanks.

I don’t know why you want to escalate this and I am just saying. Good for you that you run no event hero. Just because I am mentioning and you replying makes you scared that HH may change it. And it is within the issue of this thread. Story cut short to go into this thread again. Is not a big issue to cry about. Is a multi billion £/€/$ game. Of course it may have some issues. But amazing that we are here and playing as is a great game to be in. Question for you? Do you go to work and you’re the best or you still can improve? That’s why this game have people always working 24/7 to improve it but takes time for everything to do from 1 minute to infinity if this game will last that long. I do love you all for mentioning all this things and I am sure HH will try their best. Is on their interest. I do believe :heart:

This ISN’T happen when we spend too much time in a session. For example, I just wake up this morning then launch the game (iPad), and the game load up (fresh start) then it says the store is renewed with these…

… same two items every single time and I recognize it right the way.

Yet, bcoz I been tricked too many times I close the app right the way again and relaunch then I get this…

Well, this situation been around quite sometime, to be honest, I can’t help myself but to think that it is intentional.

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