Black market glitch

Everytime i purchased something in the black market these past 2 days, i realize about 5 mins later i never got my items so i go back to it and they are completely different items saying “sold out” because i bought them. The last time i bought something in the black market i closed out and went back to it 3 different times to make sure it wasnt an old item which hadnt updated yet. It still got me with some bronze helmets?! There is no telling what youre going to get. guess they call it black market for a reason, shop owner is a scammer!

Had it happen to me before I bought something and received something different even though I know exactly what I bought but changed on me. Contacted support all they told me is I was wrong and mistaken because I didn’t have any proof besides my word

Same thing happened to me i used to buy items I didnt need but I wanted stock pile them for new heroes might need them. Every time I bought an item I didn’t need 5 minutes after I bought it. It wouldn’t be in my inventory. Onky items that I needed showed and stayed in my stock

I suspect this is an issue caused by the stores all being linked online to the server now, I get the same issue but instead of letting me purchase anything it just say’s “This item is no longer available”. What is most likely happening with your store is a minor desync with what your game says is there and what the server says is there; just a theory :stuck_out_tongue:

Same issue for me, multiple times. It seemed like it was fixed for awhile, but then goes back to being messed up. I also regularly show silver bullets and platinum rifles, much more than anything else.

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