'Summon' ing... Delay is zzzzz, price is!

The UI for summoning bounties is so slow HHG.

We know what the heroes look like, any way of making this more responsive, it takes around 30s just to summon a single bounty. The whole experience is really boring.

As for the price, I predicted in the other thread, this bounty has just been a money pit and was proven right.

Stamina is barely spawning bounties and due to them dying so fast we have to spend hundreds of millions just so everyone can have a good shot at the event.

Not only that, what’s with the silver and weak gold targets… it’s so easy it’s boring.

Bounty is purely about deep pockets now, we have 12 members online as I write this and 0 bounties. Zzz

On a positive note, the skill recharge is good, but I really think the HP needs putting back and reduce summon cost.


maybe you get weak targets because your alliance is weak?

once in a while will be get a silver. but most of my alliance bounties is high gold (+4) up to Plat (+3). and the things load fast for me. you can do missions and such and bounties will spawn. or you can summon them.

still have spent 0 dollars and have contributed so far 132,527,135 damage. most of our targets are Platinum. 3 of our team members have close to 1 billion points. and nobody has spent any cash. so nothing to do with “money pit”


Shots fired.

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Lol, you’d not last 3 hours in my alliance with these numbers, dude.


Another zinger!

Not on same level.

You do know DopedGoat is on 808


I don’t think the HP health is the problem. But the bounty spawning is definitely a killer. My group called an immediate break bounty once we saw the group spending a lot of cash to hold t25. So it wasn’t worth it until the next time around for another change. I was convinced it was a bug because they didn’t announce a lower bounty spawn

Who is dopedgoat? And isn’t that 808 full of the over grinders? Like they have a second or third alliance made.

@Sing that is my contribution in a team thinng. I have no rush. As long as I have something put into bounties I’m good

This isn’t about alliance power for spawning, mylliance is the highest power in the game

132mil score is around 10 minutes play time for me. I’d prefer to play longer than that and not have to spend hundreds of millions.


Gonna see W4L sign into the forums anytime to talk about this now.


No clue who this W4L is.

Point being I see nothing wrong with the bounty. I have plenty of time to engage and do damage.

Can we may get back to topic? No need to provoke each other…

The low spawning rate was already mentioned in another thread, but it is still annoying as hell.
The time it takes to spawn is sometimes longer than I actually need to kill it. Silver 3 Hero for 50k+ cash, thanks for nothing. I better level up my heroes skills with it, the reward I get from that is higher than the few more frags I get our of the bounty.
Another problem is the imbalance of bounty spawned. We sat on 15+ bio bountys for hours. Not because we didn’t kill them, but because 3 of 4 spawned were bio, mostly gold, all it did was consuming your stamina without giving points.

Many underachieve, because they are not willing to pay so much just to use their stamina, or because it just takes to long to spawn. Before I needed 1:30 to kill a bounty, now I need the same time because I have to spawn it before.
Everything below plat 3 is a one shot (Bio more like a 1,5 shot) and my heroes are not maxed out.

Conclusion is, I like the one minute bounty and it works good with the redesigned times and the 60% loaded skills, you get to use each at least two times. But with the low spawning rate and HP it is even more unsatisfying than before.

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$180,000 to summon these two and takes atleast 45seconds, oh we’re spoilt so much.

Is it possible that this is because you’re not playing anywhere near the top level? Your opinion and experience are fine, but they’re coming from a place of not taking bounty seriously. If you aren’t taking bounty seriously then obviously you don’t see any problems with it :joy:. 140M damage… of course you aren’t having troubles then.

If you’re in a top-5 alliance, then every single person needs to be doing 2B+ and dropping 5M in cash just for summons. The cash sink in bounty is absolutely ridiculous if you’re anywhere near the top level.

At least the needed time for bounty play is reduced to a minimum :joy:

It’s really not though. People in top alliances are still putting the same time commitment into bounty, it’s just more expensive now - for both summons and hero recharges. But I don’t think any competitive alliances are actually putting in less time than before. We’re just using way more resources than we used to.

I know, it was a joke. Sank a few millions too. We have the same trouble, maybe a bit less because we don’t aim for the top spot.

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The amount of bucks used to summon a bounty should be reduced, I don’t have any bucks left to upgrade my hero skills during the bounty and 2~ days before the bounty starts.

I’m even slacking this bounty because I was away for the weekend, but when I had time I tried to summon some decent bounties to use the time I had efficient and sometimes you need to summon at least 7+ to find that one bounty you don’t want to over kill or attack 2 or 3 times with a C or D team.

For the rest like the changes

Remember: keep it classy. No personal attacks. Stick to the topic. Don’t make me tap the sign.


I agree with Dopedgoat.

I personally dropped 17 mill bucks during bounty. Many of my alliance spent more.
It is hard to continue to progress when you need to save 2 weeks worth of gauntlet bucks just for summoning during bounty.