Bounty BUG

bounty is only lasting 44 sec??? bug


Yup bounties broken again

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Nope. Completely intentional.

On purpose I guess they dont want those billions on points for bounties uggh

WHY is there no official announcment to this? Just why? Why is there so often no information on changes? No information regarding this, no information regarding the changed patrol crate. Can´t be that hard to do.


Was wondering about that too … are they trying to drive us away

I know and bounties are what i look forward to in the game because its three days of straight kicking ass and this is the answer to better bounties reward?

And brogan only bounties…seriously. Can the developers be more greedy than this???

45s bounties and I need to focus on the adds/snipers and shielders first, I am just wondering how long did I actually spend on the actual bounty!?

It has gone to short time for me to judge how I feel about the new time limit on bounties. But what I can say is that the change was EXTREMELY POORLY executed. Why wasn’t the change communicate in the patch notes or at least before the bounty went live?

I’m deeply disappointed on how this was handled.


Hey HotHead! This game is becoming a fully MASCARADE…

Brogan only bounties?
45s bounty?
No annoucements?
Bugs all around in PvP, in Bounty?

You see us as a credit card only? Go F… :rage:


Why would u think this was a good idea?!?! Did u not notice how ticked off everyone was last time the bounties glitched? Why would it seem like a good idea to do this without warning, without asking us if we wanted it, and when we FINALLY get Magistrates? #HHfail


Just played Dogface for the first time. Half of the time was spent charging up my abilities and then then I finally got to use them, got stunned for 8 seconds, and bounty over before I could use them. What is the point :frowning:

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If bounties don’t change back I think a lot of players will leave the game.1 of them will be me


By far the worst change made in the 7 months I’ve played this game.

Was there something broken w bounties that needed fixing?

they purposely set timers to 45 secs that was to drastic imo they maybe should be 1 min long

Not sure if I have the same relative damage output. Assuming I have best change as I felt I spent way too much time on grinding bounties.

Since DAU has dropped they need the whales to pickup slack more…

I gave up on the forums long ago. It makes no sense. We’ve been asking for information for months and we’ve been getting less and less. Being able to communicate just to be ignored is plain stupid. I’ve been reporting translation errors both in-game and through forums. And not a single change has been made. In fact, it’s getting worse and worse. Half the content comes in english nowadays. They don’t even care anymore.

Glad to know is not a bug, though


We miss your forum activity though!

This completly unacceptable
And unpropotional and unstudied

Cause reloading time for some heroes is long
Like panzer u barly reload a second time with the bombers throwing at you bombs and the time consumed to use the abaility is not studied
I mean
All the people were shouting out loud to make the bounty better
But the amazingly brilliant devs made the bounty more annoying and unplayable

Plus the devs gives no *************** to our opinions