Money Grab/ New Bounty

You guys have seriously become a money grab organization HH. First with the custom crates, then with brogan crates, and now bounty. Cutting the time we are allowed in bounties (40+ secs or somethin) made players spend more gold. The only heroes that have enough time to do real dmg to a bounty are the bonus heroes. Therefore, players are required to buy gold and/or spend gold to do decent dmg. Idc how powerful your heroes are if they aren’t magistrates they are trash right now. This is more for the whales and top 20 alliances. Staying in those positions they have to spend and/or buy gold to keep up with the competition. It’s BS and you know it and the fact you all didn’t make an announcement about it prior to releasing it adds the icing on the cake.

Bounty runs are shorter - yes. But bounty targets have much lower health than before so you’ll still be able to kill them even though you have shorter time to play. Only thing this brings is more time away from the game. If you spend a lot of gold to refill your energy I guess it’s your choice.

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I don’t know who that guy is or why he holds the absolute truth. But OK let’s go by that theory: it’s the same for everyone, in all alliances. Not just you and him. So it basically don’t matter.

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Well I don’t know you either, no offense. I’m just stating the players perspective where the experience is worse. Of course globally it doesn’t matter, if you go by that logic nothing ever will matter because these changes affect everyone anyway.

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You just joined the forum so of course you don’t know me. I’m quite frequent here. :slight_smile:

That’s kinda true. Everyone’s affected the same way, on the same parameters. It doesn’t make the game unbalanced or bring anything negative other than that we all see lower digits on the timer and the overall score.

Lol @ULFPAM I don’t know why he pulled one of my posts and brought it here.
I do agree, everyone even if gimped is on the same level.
So I’m still trying to rock the bounty as much as I can.

Don’t lie to me and say bounty doesn’t have the same excitement for you right now though. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what if you’re frequent here? Nobody cares. Again your point is taken that “it is the same for everyone”. I totally agree with that 100%. But that is not the point here.

@Zephyr I’m curious. What is the point you are trying to make with this post?
You pulled my comment from another thread and all you contributed was one word, “Wrong”.

What was wrong with what I said? Why the attitude towards ULFPAM?

So many questions…

So the point is bounty taking less time but the competitive factor is the same? What’s that for an reason for outrage?

I think Zephyr proved me wrong by using your post as proof. Ergo, you’re right and I’m wrong.

I’m definitely still rocking the bounty! Just a bit less so than normally. My alliance have a better ranking than we usually hold after 1 day of the event so it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t outraged per se, still enjoy the game actually. It just feels a little bit more work to kill a bounty all factors being the same is all I’m saying. And I pulled the other guys quote because he spoke what I was experiencing.

My experience is that the health of the targets is so much lower now so they’re actually easier to kill given the shorter time. Of course experiences may differ and I haven’t done any deeper analysis or mathematics to prove me right or wrong.

I don’t know how pumped up your Magistrate heroes are but running Clyde and Dogface together almost promises a kill of the target on the first run. Wish I had a stronger Galante. First time using him now and I like him.

Tbh, time and health has been cut by 50% but the damage has been cut by a lot more, look at a Salvatore for instance, you can’t use his bronze or silver a second time, same with other hero’s

But yeah everyone has this so we all have to addept

Yea, bonus heroes although still gimped can put some good damage out. But when I run a 65k team power team that has no bonus heroes that used to do 12-15 million only are able to output roughly 1.5-2 million. Which is a pretty massive change.
But, even through my complaints, I love this game, have a lot of time and money invested in this game. I’m trying to do my best.
Curious though, how much total damage are you ULFPAM currently?

Yeah the heroes are pumping out less damage but also we don’t have those 75 million+ health level 105 targets this time. :slight_smile: Highest health I’ve seen so far in my bounties is Cross at 33 million.

I’m closing in on 400 million damage dealt. Not a huge number but also not 50% of what I’m usually at after a full day of event. I’m usually at 600ish by this time

I am giving my 2 Cents here, could be any of the other threads which have the sam Topic too.

As far as I see the bigest Problem is not the shorter time, but that many need to learn how to Play properly or think before talking. Just quoting some Posts is saw:

They did before too, just conrtol them and save them for the next stage.

Sorry, a 90% damage cut just because you only have half of the time to Play? I call bullshit here.

Why do you have to spend Gold to compete? Are the others playing by another System? Everyone is cut short on damage.

You can not use it twice, but you can double use his silver and add his bronze in second stage. You can easily get 10+ Million damage with him. Mine is often not cut by an empty magazine, but by death of bounty.

The changes are not perfect and they messed soem things up, but if the same time that is used to complain would be used to adappt, decent results would be possible.


I offer you the same question as prior, can you honestly say that a team that did 10M prior is now doing 5M?
I can run an all Bio team at 65k power without Salvatore and they would be hard pressed to break 2 million.

How can people not see the problem… A 50% reduction in time attacking a bounty does not equate to a 50% drop in damage. It is much less. To say anything else is ludicrous.

Then to say adapt. There is no adapt, tactics with this new bounty do not change, except to save an ability a few seconds.

I’ll ask another question Wallewu, what do you normally get in bounties, and then where are you currently in reference to damage?

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For my reference, my Dog does a couple million but not 10. Again, I’m only 2 months in and he’s plat, 60, with 6*. Bounty is the only PVE I don’t just auto through, until now. They may as well make a quick win option.

When I first started, I didn’t auto or quick win. Now it seems that’s the majority of what I do and I’m not even max level. Perhaps remove changing areas and remove extra opponents. I don’t notice the bounties take any less rounds to collect coins and my alliance is slowly progressing through the bonuses.

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No it is not 50%, it is about 40% I guess, if you run a dps Team it could go up to 50%, since they are not influenced by using their skills only once.

Honestly my damge is about the same as in the other bountys. I can not tell how much damage i would have dealt without the change, because I have no reference for it.