Reasons why everyone is hating bounties

This is already a hot topic of decreasing popularity of Bounty event . There are some reasons I’ve compiled that I think everyone will agree.


  1. Low rewards for High Grind : Now see the screenshots below .

See here the alliance who grind for top 25 has minimum 700K Bounty points. The alliance who grind for top 50 must have a minimum of 530K bounty points . And that at 100th place has only 300k+ bounty points which isnt a grind. Now why are we considering Bounty points ? Its because of the rewards that Bounty event offers for a top 50 , top 25 and a top 100 alliance. The rewards didn’t fit according to the grind that alliances do . The alliance in top 100 gets more UNIVERSAL FRAGMENTS than a top 25 alliance . These rewards need to be changed . A top 25 alliance must get around 60-70 universal fragments after all it’s such a hard grind to reach top 25.

  1. LOW SUMMON RATE : We all know the summon of the Bounty is a misery . Everyone in a good alliance spare atleast 5M bucks especially for summoning. One is the skill upgrading bucks reach the sky , for upgrading 10 skills at level 92 takes around 700k to 800k bucks yet players spare bucks for summon too . Are we crazy? Also if we summon bounties too , the Bounty of our choice never comes . The element of which the new hero is only that element comes . See the screenshot below for proof.

You can see in this screenshot all the summon I’ve did are of mech . The faction UAF , UAFA has only 1 hero that is DURAN of bio chemical element . Now this is the main reason that is decreasing the interest of players from Bounty . The Bounty summon rate is negligible . It happens only when someone spend 100s of stamina of quick win 6 or more solo raids . All these things are making Bounty least favourite aspect of this game

  1. Low Rewards than AW : We all know the rewards of AW is much better than Bounty. AW isnt a grind too , player who is working for full day can just come online and hit his attacks in less than 5 minutes . I know Bounty offers MOST WANTED CRATE TOKENS but the odds of that crate is also too miserable . We end up getting some heroes frags or any platinum core . No doubt the platinum core are very useful but the odds for 7*/5*/Vault crate tokens must be increased and the chances to get them must be enhanced . Also war gives 7*/5* hero fragments too which is seen nowhere in Bounty.
    So from all these discussions, bounty is now for the lovers who love to grind to shine only. Not for everyone
    Thus its losing its glory too.

Now I request DEVS to see this post and change the rewards for T25 , T50 , T100 bounty rewards . Also introduce more rewards beyond 300k Bounty points . The summon rate is also an area to invest a lot .I hope we will find this fix very very soon. Lemme know what do other players think about it too .



I agree with your observations. Bounty Summon is a big problem for us always. Players ready to hit bounties but no cash to summon them . Bonus Bounties have decreased largely. Very rarely do we find Bounties automatically through Missions/ Gauntlet or Solo Raid. My Bounty summon cost increases to 70k per Bounty summon. This Bounties we got a lot of Mech Bounties that it made Bounties difficult and uninteresting.

With only Bonused Bio-Chem hero in Duran , it made Bounty very difficult with so many Mechanical Bounties. I won’t complain much about the rewards. But Bounty Event is slowly loosing it’s glory and Bounty Summon Cost plays a pivotal role in it especially now that Ruby Level is available for players.

P.S. I spent around 5M cash in this Bounties and at this rate 2-3 more bounties and I am done . Done even have heroes at fully upgraded heroes at lvl 85. Will need Cash for that and evolving heroes.

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I super agree. Especially on the summoning of heroes. When the morlocks are featured for bounties, the heroes that are commonly summoned are mostly energy heroes. It is not balanced summoning when it comes with the elements. They should have considered that. It is realyy to deal with that.

I agree. Entirely too much grinding. It sucks up a whole weekend. I’d be for reworking the bounties so that heroes only respawn once a day.

Devs read all posts. No need to summon us. Thanks for the feedback!

As i see it need a serious rework.
It is atm the biggest timesink/grind in the game and it is boring as hell.

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Oops!! I’m so sorry. I’ll take care of it

●We need some big points bounties like gorgan howk and helios, robots with 1 billion
points so can intire allience come together to take down that.

●Also there is need control over summon (need to summon 3 bounties at same time energy, chemical, mechanical and then give us choice to select one of them as summon)

●current rewards are good specialy top 5 milestones but the lower like below 13th milestone are need to improve for the lower allience which is content new players of hero hunter so providing little more rewards like 1-2 5 star tokens, 3-5 specialty tokens and 5-10 silver crate tokens and gold crate tokens will help them to make there roster powerful.



Being being able to pick what element we want when we summon would be awesome

Would be great if the screen didn’t scroll all the way right after we attack a bounty so I can immediately go back and attack instead of scrolling all the time.

Would be cool if there was a button to separate and group all out hero’s by elements similar to how you can pick between frontline, mid range and rear.


Would be nice after finishing a pvp match it didn’t kick you all the way out to the main screen then it would be faster to keep doing pvp. Something similar to how co op is set up would be really smooth.

Heronium store,

Would be nice if it was a buy all button so I don’t have to keep buying stuff individually.

Thanks Devs


“Being being able to pick what element we want when we summon would be awesome”

I think this is a terrible idea as this would make bounty even more pay to win as only those with more resources will be able to keep summoning the easier bounty.

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Take a look at the forum rules for some guidelines on how to best give feedback.

Feeling-based feedback that isn’t prescriptive is best, as what players often give as solutions are actually solutions to symptoms, not root causes.

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Theres a lot of things that completely pisses me off in bounty but its still my favorite game mode. I would like to ask devs to read some of the comments above, seriously good ideas how to make it more interesting and more worth the grind.

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Have you read all the comments yourself? Because I did post earlier on in this topic that devs read all comments. So yes, we’ll read all the comments :slight_smile:

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I know you read them but things change really slow there :slight_smile: minimal changes since bounty had been introduced :slight_smile:

So clearly, we don’t care? :frowning:

Harsh. There have been many, many improvements to Bounties, actually, but selective memory is a reality. I’m sorry you feel that way.

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Not my words :slight_smile: We just probably have very high expectations. But hopefully many of these great ideas will be implemented soon

The only thing i agree with is your summoning points. As for everything else i strongly disagree. Especially claiming AW is less work. Bounty is all grind and go and only bounty limits hold us back. Theres no drama. No strategic planning and working out schedules. Its all grind and stress free fun. :slight_smile:
As for the prizes comparison between AW and bounty. it depends on your level. Wars give me nothing but but a portrait and stamina at the end of the season. Bounty gives us most wanted crates and other frags and crates for heronium for 3 days of effort. So for me bounty wins hands down. But like i said. The prize needs differ from player to player. Lol


@KINGPIN1134 had u seen this last line ? I think you are the one who loves Bounty a lot and want to grind only . No harsh feelings tho

My views is that you can plan for the bounty, save up cash for summoning, but yes the heroes that are generated probably needs tweaking. I also agree that there needs to be more levels regarding rewards as we are regularly a top ten alliance and get the same as another who come much lower But generally feel the format is great and is my favourite part of the game.

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For me, bounty is less stressful than AW…
U can log in anytime, going solo to hit the target, and the rewards is quite cool…
In the other hand, AW is more exhausting for me, the reasons pretty much just like in the other thread created by XUSMARINEX (and Raz got the point there, my feeling is the same)…

Back to bounty…
Eventhough bounty is less stressful, but still me and my alliances made some sacrifice… To get the rewards of course… And now we see Alliances competing to get more than 300k for now, some of them even could hit 2.5 - 3 times 1st milestone points…
I feel that for the alliances that work hard to get the top 50 should get something more… Because it just like they work twice or thrice from others…

About last faction summoning, yeah, i agree it wasn’t what i expected, but this summoning systems affects to every Alliance also… Means they keep summoned mech bounty, but somehow they can handle it…
Too bad, in our Alliance, not every members having all the time to play bounties… Most of us have the time to hit bounty using bonus hero only, and seeing our summons mostly mech, it kinds of disappointing, because the bio bonus hero for this UAF not a high DPS hero…

For bounty summon, I hope/want that what we’ve summoned is somehow connected with the bounty faction…
Example, if a featured faction has 60% members of energy mech, 25% bio, 15% mech, I hope we can summon the enemies like 60% bio, 25% mech and 15% energy too…
That way, I will feel that our fight to get the bounty points (example, by burning bucks to summon) will have something to enjoy/celebrate in the end of the event…

(This post was edited after seeing the reply from the dev here and in the other thread about AW,
I hope this post not mentioned any prescriptive about the game… But yeah, I want to get more from bounty :grin: )