Jarek Bounty Event - level of difficulty change in the last update?

Hi devs,

Is it me or is this Jarek bounty event more difficult than the last couple of bounty events? We’re seeing mostly plat bounties with 2 - 5 pips and the amount of damage we’re dealing out doesn’t seem to be as effective as the previous bounties.

I’m leveled up quite a bit (and so is my alliance) since the last bounty and I’m no where near the amount of damage points I had at this point in time compared to the last event.

Also, for the trolls, I’m just asking a damn question and don’t need any grief or BS. Just give me a yes or no and spare me the lecture.


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It does seem like there are way more non bonus elemental bounties than usual. But considering how ridiculous the “stamina sale” is, it makes sense. They’re probably hurting for money. Trying to force you to spend money on bucks to summon or stamina to auto. Doesn’t surprise me.

Maybe you and your Alliance is just that good to have Platinum +1’s through +5’s. It could be that a whole bunch of people were killin’ it in the previous bounty across all Alliances, therefore the game decided that every Alliance gets some souped up Bounties.

There are not more, there just is no bonus Hero to kills them. Therefore they pile up fast.
It wasn’t that big of a problem before, since the Patriots fraction was weak against Mech and you don’t have as many Mech tanks as you have Bio. And Fisher was a smaller pain in the ads since Ronin rushed through him no matter his invisibility.
And if your alliance gets better you get higher leveled bountys, which should play it’s part too.

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