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Hey Hunters!

We’ve heard your feedback and we wanted to share some thoughts behind the changes that occurred in Bounties. Our intention was for Bounties to consume less of our players’ time each day and allow room to also play other modes in the game. That said, we’ve realized that our initial changes to wave timers ended up feeling too restrictive. Based off of the data we’ve gathered, we’re making some adjustments to Bounties. We’re still committed to the long-term goal of freeing up more time during Bounties for Hunters to take on other modes and strengthen their rosters.

Min_Emoji_Triggered_Small What we’re doing going forward:

  • Wave Timer Adjustment - Waves are returned to the original duration of 30 seconds (was 20 seconds per wave). This gives Heroes more time to use their abilities in a wave. It also provides a bigger window for dealing with fodder enemies.

  • Hero Skill Charge - Heroes start with their Skill gauges at 60% charge. This provides faster access to Skills.

  • Bounty Waves - Bounties have 2 waves, in keeping with our goal of reducing time spent in a mission.

  • Bounty Health - We’re keeping the lowered Bounty health and fodder enemy health.

We really appreciate all the constructive feedback we’ve been receiving and really hope to see more! We plan to continue improving Bounties with more changes coming in the future. We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop regarding planned changes before they go into play.


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Thanks for letting us know!


How about reverting bounties how they originally were? I must be biased; this new bounty system is screwing me up bad.


New rules look great thanks BombB, but can you please reduce the costs of spawning bounties.

Extra time/skills and same HP means many times there will be no bounties, we already had several players spend over 10mil bucks each last event.

This one will cost a small fortune!


1 min finally can do some damage this is a good change thanks for listening devs and they kept the health the same

Sounds like a much better plan.
Does this now set the precedent to prevent game changing theory-implementation from occurring without testing like last bounty as compared to the well thought thru , balanced and improved PvP environment found in the PvP draft?
The pvp challenges need to be improved / reworked I hope you look at that as well as the poor bounty selection ratio themselves for us to select from.

This is the right step taken but there’s other issues overlooked in bounty still.
Both on the volume of bounties and the actual make up of the bounty elements of the bounty themselves.
These were the bounty issues before the last bounty rollout where the bounties were not very favorable for the whole alliance to participate in. Not all members are on the same level of power.

Now that we’re moving forward in bounty again it seems can we expect more improvements ?

:Mintense: Now hopefully the whiners can stop whining for a bit oof

And also Dicord Community Rules :mintense: :plzdonteatme:

The whiners already quit and deleted the game because of… It changed a bit.

I see a real problem here too. We do not push as hard as you, but i spent a few millions too last bounty. And with the low cash income we have at the moment it really hurts.

They may could introduce a currency to spawn bountys in the future. You earn it by killing off bountys/dealing damage to them. Or you could may collect it as random spawns while doing the bounty raid.


These changes look awesome. Thanks for hearing the community feedback :+1: I do agree with Doped and Walle though that with the lower bounty discovery rates, it’s putting a pretty brutal push toward spending resources to make sure there’s bounties available.

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Either I missed it but will the timer stop between transistions? That was a huge issue for me and I want it to so that way i dont feel l cheated out of 5 or more seconds, like my ex’s but I hope this time around im able to put up more, I do love the communication in this one, thank you Hothead and I wish you all more luck on creating an awsome game(s)!

No there will not be any timer stop between the waves. That is why they added 10 seconds to each wave.

Fast Forward x3. That’s all that was asked for and that’s all that was needed. Heroes like Hivemind and Halloway will still be useless with this current system.

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This has already been clarified to be unworkable because bounty is a simultaneous event involving many players and you cannot have people playing at different speeds simultaneously.


Could you imagine the rate bounties are cleared by those that spend thousands of gold on bounties?

3x speed would surely help burn through stamina. But those that do spend big would just revive guys and go again … and again … and again.

It would become more of a pay-to-win event than it already is.


Yet we can have multiple people attacking the same targets at different times. Those attacks aren’t simultaneous. The results of any given raid are calculated at the conclusion of that particular raid. I fail to see how variable time compression has any different effect. Sorry, but that excuse doesn’t pass the smell test.

If HHG can’t make this work, then lock out the bounty while it’s under attack. One attacker at a time. Now you can use time compression and that solves the problem of going into an attack with the bounty showing millions of remaining hit points but actually only has a tiny fraction remaining because somebody just hit it.

I’ll keep an open mind and see how this plays out. Last bounty sucked. It was totally disengaging. Given that it only comes around 2x a month, I didn’t think the previous time commitment was that egregious, but the fan boys waved their pom pons and HHG heard what they wanted; so now another unnecessary and unwanted change is here to stay.

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Whether we like it or not , change is inevitable, but thank you for the communication. These types of things can make or break your community all based on the amount of word received. Moving forward.

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I had to read this sentence twice but you’re talking about a different scenario altogether. Different people attacking a bounty at different times is not the problem.

The problem arises when a same bounty is attacked simultaneously by two or more players, who play the raid at different speeds. This is what makes 3x compression unworkable for a simultaneous event, it is as simple as that.

Your other point, regarding locking out bounties when they are being attacked just so that it facilitates time compression… I don’t agree that time compression is such an important or necessary feature that the core design of bounty-hunting (which is DESIGNED to be a simultaneous event) should be compromised.

Locking out could have other justifications, for sure, but I don’t agree that time compression is a strong one.

Anyway as far as we are concerned, devs have already clarified that time compression is off the table, so let’s just get on with it.


well bounty is officially ruined lol… sucks how they ignore us, the majority of the community wanted it to go back to normal but just so they didn’t have egg on their face, like ifrits update, they won’t go back all the way, just a little bit to “act” like they listen, but not enough to admit what they did was a retarded idea. like skins so we can play dress up, there’s going to be several options of skins with the same qualities, only reason to change them is to play freakin dress up… is this barbie or hero hunters?

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