Mechanics bounty

thank you so much HH as I really love an only mechanics bounty. Is very entertaining and great to see.

Could you provide us the activity protocol?

Attack with your mech or bio and quit complaining

Oh that’s so nice of you. Thanks ever so much for the info man as I am doing better now. Amazing bounty.

The unanswered question is if there are to many mech bounties spawned or if you just do not kill them. The protocol would help answering that…

Why post this picture 2x? You already placed this under a post of mine.

Instead of showing the spawns you just show a picture where you didn’t finish the mech bounties, also there’s room for 10 more so spawn others if you can’t kill those

It has Got better kraterios and it looks more balanced on bounty and about spawn bounty I don’t have the cash. Just a bit more then 4 months on this game and I need to skill up my heros first. I am far behind with that as I have all the heros on this game. Maybe to make it a bit cheaper would be ideal but is ok.