To many Mech bountys?!

Half of the spawns we get are Mech, which ends up in a huge pile of Mech heroes to be killed, before spawning new ones. In addition it seems to be about 35% energy and just 15% bio.
Shouldn’t it be one third for all three elements?


having same issue with my alliance we are having swarm of mech bounty

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I’ve brought this up before.
It’s a result of this…

With Kobold being absolutely horrible at dealing damage, it’s virtually as if we have no boosted Bio-Chem heroes… Only Energy heroes.

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I use my energy heroes to kill the energy ones, so that the Mech heroes can support the bio heroes to kill the mechs. But its don’t think this is how the bounty should be…

Yeah, that’s terrible. The November faction are the Patriots who are all but goblin energy hunters and almost only MECH targets are found. This means that the targets to the hunter always bring an elemet advantage. The ratio MECH : BIO is certainly worse than 20:1 and this is no coincidence. MECH : ENERGIE I estimate at 10:1.
You can‘t play with a Energie- Line against a Bio target like in the past.

That’s no coincidence and I’m beginning to wonder if you have to keep trying to demotivate players?f

Stepping in to prove that this is false info.

Just summoned 5 bounties and checked our board afterward.

I actually went even further to check which bounties were summoned over the last 8 hours.
Mech: 18
Energy: 19
Bio: 16

Now the amount that were killed as of me recording this.
Mech: 10
Energy: 18
Bio: 14

So when looking at this it completely disproves your claim of a 20:1 or even a 10: 1 ration of summons, actually we had more energy then mech bounties in that span. When we start to talk about the ones that are killed, The board should consists of about 8 mechs, 1 energy, and 2 bios. When I am typing this out, we have 8 mechs and 2 bios on the board.

Poobgloob made a great thread above that talks about why you have the perception of more mech bounties when in reality its not even remotely close to what you are claiming. I’m sure at some point throughout this event we will have a stretch were 5 maybe 6 of the same elemental bounties will be found similar to what walle had in the initial post, but those occurrences do not indicate an overall pattern or let you claim that hot head is “Demotivating” players on purpose.

*Im not saying I agree with having 5 of the same element being the bonus heroes, but just pointing out the claim that there is a increase in a type of elemental bounties in an attempt to screw the players.

Please - I‘ve said I estimate. Count the Bios.

Proves nothing

So I’m going to start with the gold operator in the 2nd screenshot. In the 45 minutes since summoning him you guys killed 9 mech bounties and 2 energy. You summoned 2 mech, 2 energy and 1 bio. Every bounty you summoned in that time frame was killed (minus the cross ofc.) That means you guys had 6 mech heroes that had been sitting on your board for AT LEAST 52 minutes.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark here, and basing it off the information you have giving, you guys are not leaving energy and and bio heroes on the board for anywhere close to that time.

You literally just proved poobgloob’s point in that when energy and bio heroes are summoned, because of the current bonus heroes, they are not left up for longer then a few minutes, leaving the board filled with mechs. They take longer to kill and when everyone is experiencing the same thing, they start to stack up.

I’m sorry. I have respect for every player and also for your answers, but I think you have too much time. I don’t have to count all the goals until Friday to realize that there are more mechs. I don’t know why you’re just trying to disprove what I’m saying. Some of my alliance are very frustrated and I just said my opinion here. I wish you a nice weekend and now hunt some more Mechs.

Not trying to discredit your opinion man! I’m kinda annoyed too at how many times I’m wasting stamina since I don’t want to attack same elemental bounties.

It took me maybe 3 minutes to go through my alliances logs and see that there wasn’t any “bias” towards a single type. I was only trying to point out that the stuff you were stating was off of gut reaction and not looking at the entire thing. Creating false claims that the devs are trying to “demotivate” players based on your opinion instead of looking at it rationally just creates a lot of “toxic” discussions.

You can continue to believe what you want, I cant change that. Just was providing info from a rational perspective and so this thread doesn’t turn into a “devs dont want us to play” one.

I agree with you that I should not demotivate - that is not my goal either, but my members are frustrated and so am I and the perception can be very wrong. I agree with you - it would have been better to count rather than to name a number by gut feeling. I think we agree that there can be differences if you evaluate different time windows and also from alliance to alliance. The special situation is that the Patriots faction consists almost exclusively of energy heroes who have an elemental disadvantage compared to the Mech targets.

In short, I checked the activity list. We have discovered 42 targets in the last 8 hours. Of those, 25 were Mech, 10 Energy and 7 Bio.

I learn from your justified criticism that I will actually take the time to count before I write anything after a feeling and apologize for the misrepresentation.

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Just to show it is not an one time occurrence

No idea why this is no issue with you, but it is clearly one with us.

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Current evaluation today Sunday, 12:50 pm
Discovered targets: 29M / 9E / 12B

He does have a point

21:24 Targets found - balance of the last 8 hours is 30M/9E/11B

I was asked facts not to make assumptions, and that was right. I am happy to continue but Wallewu is absolutely right. This is no longer a coincidence. It’s a pity. The figures speak for themselves. It was felt worse - yet. A group made up almost exclusively of energy hunters has three times as many targets against it that have an elemental advantage. It is as it is, but it has left frustration in my alliance and that is a fact.

I have to agree with the feeling imbalance in element distribution. I haven’t gone through the logs to identify the numbers properly, but it does feel as if we are having

  • 3:1 mech:bio bounties
  • 2:1 energy:bio bounties.

With a faction comprised of 5 energy heroes… this really feels like a slap in the face.

Double that with the shorter time than usual to get new hero before bounty, about half my alliance members haven’t unlocked Kobold Yet. So no real bonus damage to use against mech for them.

Short counting showed on our most recent discoveries 19M, 21E, and only 10 bio. So I was wrong before. With all reporting the same something to look into.

The Devs need to fix this how do you have all Mechs for the most part with mostly an energy faction. 5 Blue 1 Green. You had to use so many resets just to get any decent score.

Same experience, way too many mech bounties, no where near enough bio.

I dunno if it was because mech were spawning more or not, but regardless bio should be spawning AT LEAST twice as much as any other element when you have 5 energy heroes in the faction of the month and only 1 bio. I was able to wipe out almost any bio bounty in a single shot with my 5 energy Patriot heroes. Meanwhile it took me 3 tries to kill all but the weakest mech heroes with my bio and Kobold’s crap DPS.