Bounty Event Feedback

Im SurferDevo, Leader of THCC - The Canna Crew and have been hunting since official launch. I may not be a big spender but I have definitely donated considering you’ve had my attention thus far. My crew and I have been on this bus for the long haul and honestly most of us dont prefer PVP anymore because of the drastic changes it goes through, so we spend our time having fun in group/guild activities. I have always left Feedback especially asking for more activities to do with your alliance. I speak for my entire crew when I say we, we would like to have bounties back how they were before. I understand some people may have thought they were “too long” but ultimately its taking away from the uniqueness in the heroes as some of them require more of a wind up time than others, even with the 60% skill buff at the start, it doesnt do justice for certain heroes.

I havent considered jumping off the bus till now, I know you guys can find a better work around to solve this issue. you should have considered bringing out another cooperative event to balance taking away from bounty. I used to look forward to Bounty events, but with the time allotted, its hard to find it fun…

Maybe its just me(Its not) but I feel like the people who enjoyed it got screwed over, whereas the people who complained that it was too long out of “inconvenience” won.


Made an account just because of this mess and I just wanna know, how many people actually complained about it being too long? Seeing how many people are still complaining on VIP and global chat (plus my entire alliance thinking it was a bug that should be fixed asap until a dev actually started responding in chat) just makes me think this was a poorly thought out change to appeal to some vocal minority on the forum or something.

This just sucks tbh. I was looking forward to this bounty too, but now I just wanna skip the whole thing. Kinda funny how their reasoning for it was so that people can spend less time on the event and move on to other ingame activities, and it just ends up with some players just refusing to play at all.


Created my account just for this too.

No it’s not just you Devon, I agree with you on all points. I also understand the reason why the devs decided to cut the time short, although I felt that the execution could have been better, much better. First off, they do this without any warning nor solicitation of ideas from the more experienced people who actually play this game. I saw the VIP chat post made by one of the devs claiming that they did this because people were complaining the game was too long. I have never read nor heard about anyone actually complaining about it though. Now, ok I know I can’t possibly know everything, so maybe there were a few people that actually complained. So a few complain and they do this change that affects many without prior notice, warning or consultation?

Second, they obviously did this without planning or thinking it through. A bounty run is comprised of different events, we are not just shooting the whole 1 minute, 30 seconds, a lot of time is wasted in transitions, minion cleanup, recovery etc., (this was discussed and analyzed by another poster in another post) it is obvious when you play through the 40 seconds that the scenario was designed for a 1 minute 30 second game. The 40 seconds feels cut off because it was just literally cut off, leaving you less time for shooting while the other delays remain the same. In my humble opinion, a better idea would have been to just implement the 3x button from the Gauntlet, if their concern truly is time savings for the player, and that would preserve the correct proportion of events happening in a bounty run.

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Zephyr , I completely with you, “a better idea would have been to just implement the 3x button from the Gauntlet” . That would give us enough time to enjoy it, but also offer convenience to those in a time crunch.

I fully understand change is hard for people who have been at something since the start, but you literally start at the last 20 seconds of what used to be wave 2, then run off to the last 20s of what used to be wave 3 without being able to have enough time to enjoy the hero. It feels …bad -_-

They don’t need an explanation as to why its bad. All they have to do is take 40 seconds and play a round. One bounty run and they would see how bad it is. One test is all it would of took. But this is lazy greed and nothing else. Why do think less bounties, notice most are required heroes and all required Heroes are new and one is a 7star hero… Never has Artemis or Prophet been a required bounty. This was greed and poorly thought out greed at that. Shortened time means bonus heroes only ones that can do real damage. Means have to refill energy… Spend gold. Have to buy crate to try and get Brogan and spend money.

And then when they realized how bad of an idea it was… Instead of just fixing it they acted like children and doubled down and told us tough, deal with it.

HH… You guys were wrong… Not maybe… Not sort of… Flat out wrong… Should definitely fire someone… Seriously… I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.


created an account cause of this too lol,

.Cutting the timer because it is too long. However it takes twice as long to kill anything sort defeating the original purpose. Don’t change things for the sake of change. This makes no sense. I normally do not write on any forum but I just want to voice my opposition. And yes I made an account just to do this. Maybe this is the real reason so that they can boost the accounts for the forum.

I don’t understand how 1:30 is to long . 40 second s is not even enough time to do any kind of damage . Bounty event has always been my favourite to play now I feel like I’m getting ripped off of game play

Exactly. People need to stop giving the Devs a free pass on their mistakes. They are professionals getting paid to make design choices and when they make choices like this they need to be accountable for them. This particular choice can only be explained by blatant greed (50% less server costs, more pressure to use revives or buy Brogan crates) or incompetence. Just like the Panzer release when she was 1-shotting most energy heroes, if ANYONE had sat down and played her for a couple rounds of PVP or even Gauntlet they’d realize “oh my god she’s waaaaay too strong” - but they released her in that state and left her there for a month.

Nobody on the forums ever asked for shorter bounties, I never heard anything about it in chat either. Just like Panzer, they just keep trying to see what they can get away with even

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The forums isn’t the only place to talk about the game. You have multiple social network places to discuss it, YouTube, support feedback. Just cause you didn’t see it here, doesn’t mean there was any :slightly_smiling_face:

Another proof this wasn’t thought through. The recommended power doesn’t make sense anymore. I’m hitting a 7k “recommended” mech bounty with a 40k biochem group and I barely do 1/4 his life… unless my group is comprised of boosted heroes. There’s just not enough time to do damage as before and they forgot to adjust this.