Boycott this Current bounty

Somehow this current state of bounty is triggering a boycott thought…

Or you just shut up and bring in a decent amount of feedback

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Yeah, The devs are all working hard right now trying to please the community, Boycottinng is a childish move than just giving feedback.

Can we not be fucking retards about this? They thought this would be smart since some of the most powerful fucking heros are on the Magistrates, if you really think boycotting is gonna stop it then your retarded. Play bounties until they fix it, Jesus Christ can anyone have deceny whenever some people make mistakes?

Bounty itself is grind, 3mins vs 45 secs is not gonna make a difference!

The brogan only bounties is a joke.

The total lack of transparency and the lack of simple basic gesture to make an announcement to the community… shows how much respect that the devs have on us … :roll_eyes:


Is it bad that I’m thinking from thay since people are boycotting bounty my alliance will get to a higher rank lol just a thought about people doing this are shooting themselves in the foot.

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I think you’re blowing it out of proportion. Are the brogan bounties bad? Yes. Is this bounty bad? Debatable. Do you think the devs are trying to make us leave? Apparently. But i dont.

HH has very creative ways of trying to bring balance. The heronium store was an awesome way to slow down high end players progression while making it easier for others to come up in the ranks once they get a couple 10 stars. The changes to equipment farming are only going to be great for the long haul to help pvp and get people ready for diamond upgrades. This bounty is an attempt to fix some issues. Maybe it will work. Maybe it wont. But boycotting doesnt help the process to know if its a good idea or not. It does the exact opposite.

We boycott companies like EA becouse they scam us where boycotting hot head for making a mistake boy are we a spoiled ass comuinity.



Shutting this down. You’re allowed to be upset, and you’re allowed to offer constructive criticism. Everyone in this topic is coming off a little heated right now, so I have to close this.

Note that any duplicate topics with this level of toxicity will not be accepted.

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