Bounty discovery rate

What’s going on with bounty discoveries lately. It seems like the past 5-6 bounties have a lower drop rate than before. My alliance can seem to find any


Yup it’s been a great source of inconvenience we need to spend our millions of bucks on summoning new ones


This is huge concern. The drop rate is severely low. We are spending stamina, doing raids and everything and yet there are 0 bounties unless we summon.
We have been consistently around top 120, trying to push for top 100 but it feels like the output with time and bucks we spend is utterly useless for kind of rewards there are at top 100. I used to spend around a mil a couple of months back and played similarly. But now I spent 8mil bucks last time around and scored 4bil but I think it would have done better of we scored inside top 200 and only aim milestones.

This is serious issue. The effort given in is not worth it for rewards there are at rankings or milestones unless spawn rate is improved.


This might be somewhat temporary, due to these two factions having so many bonus heroes AND heavy DPS options as well. However, as everyone continues to get stronger and achieve gold/plat status, this will become a greater issue as bounties will simply be for those who choose to spend in-game bucks. It’s no longer about the grind, it’s the grind AND dumping the only major source of a very limited and necessary currency to remain relevant. Bounty is beginning to outlive it’s usefulness.


Yeah. The main thing to do well in bounty is how much you spend. Basically the only one that profits here is HH. If I’d make some calculations Is this. You spend your cash and you have need for more. Goes to gunlet and you spend for sector 6 and 7 which is 100 gold. After that you buy cash with gold as you would like to do better. And gold you get to have, if you buy it with your own real money coming out of your pocket. Turning out to be worst then politicians on third countries where most is corrupted and they only drain money from your pocket.


Gent, their whole purpose is to make money. It’s their business model, it’s how they make a living. No one is forcing us to spend bucks but other players–other players are setting these huge benchmarks. My gripe is over the fact that top 50 is simply for the top 50 spenders, now.

Your argument was perfect, you didn’t have to call them any names. As for the bounty itself, reward upgrades should come for the headaches this event produces, yet those lag far behind things like Wars etc. Anyways.


When bounty event started over a year ago we never had to summon to be in top 20. From there on alliances started to get stronger and bounties haven’t kept up and to make it worse bounty auto summon seems to be way less than it used to be. Right now we are not even competing much and just trying to get all the milestones but we can’t even do that without spending millions of bucks each and that is just playing featured heros. We as alliance are totally on the edge and are considering just abandoning bounty mode going forward.


Corrupted politicians? Is that the name called. I don’t think so Raz. I am just passing that in my country now when the politicians are paying people with money so they can vote for them. Same situation happens in here. Where they have their own people to flag posts. Don’t worry to much about it as this post will be flagged and closed soon. When none likes to hear the truth. And they won’t ask us to spend anything we don’t want to. I am not saying they asking me to spend but I actually would like to play and be competitive. But heyho as they say. No money, no …

To make money they are selling revives. Paying should be to give a little bit edge over others not be to be able to play the game at all. Summons purpose should be for ppl who don’t like whats available to hit.

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True, NJ and Gent. They’ve allowed it to be a buck-spending sink vs. any skill, dedication, or desire to play. ‘Give us your hard earned currency, because you really don’t need those skills, upgrades, etc.’ It’s a buck sink.


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