Bounty milestone rewards

Typically this idea came on a long yime ago…

The milestone rewards going from 1 to 20 is taking the fun out of bounties.
We mostly spend 72hours on a weekend for bounty but it take some of us 4hours to claim all those milestones.

Here is my idea how about unlimited milestone rewards as your coins get higher this will encourage everyone to participate much more in bounties and everyone will definitely want to score more coins.

Its a bit unfair towards the top 5 alliances getting the same rewards scorkng 400k bounty coins and scoring 2mil bounty coins.

This will obviously mean that resources will be bought yet again it will be a win win for both player and company.

Maybe put up milestones at 500k , 700k 1mil, 1.5mil.2mil ect.

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No way. It’s hard enough to hit tier one for most of us. We didn’t hit it until the last day. And we placed 67th. You raise it that much only the top 10 are ever going to hit it.

4 hours???
my alliance was on top 10 and we need about 30-35 hours

That’s the point of milestones though. They’re not meant to be hit by every alliance, otherwise what’s their purpose?

This would be the best thing ever and would actually give a reward to the people in top alliances.

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This will motivate more and more people to go after milestones…yes milestones aint supposed to be hit by everyone though but it would bring the fun in bounties back

Hard to hit milestones when summons are extremely rare and cost cash

This would make most people quit even trying for bounty

I totally agree with this. Encourages top players to stay competitive and for lower players to level up more quickly so that they reach higher milestones

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OR ADD PERSONAL DAMAGE MILESTONES! now that will motivate people

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And increase the discovery rate a bit, were getting more and more heroes to these factions, its kindvof a waste when your dropping millions of cash for just 15 more universal frags to hit top 50 instead of 100. Bounty is getting tedious the higher rank you go up for the rewards, id rather play pvp soon as we hit tier 1, then i can get better rewards in a few mins for the excess hours we would waste in bounty after tier 1

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