Bounty event broken? New bounties not spawning

What’s going on with bounties? New targets are not spawning automatically any more. Already spent 4m game cash on spawning. This is getting silly.

We now have 5 new bounty targets left. Won’t be long before there is nothing to hunt. Please can you look into this?

You just need to do some campain missons amd you will get them the spawn fast if you do some quick wins

Lol. We are doing campaign, pvp and gauntlet and not getting spawns.

I believe that HH have lowered the spawn rate of bounties. This combined with that we are finishing bounties faster now with the lower time/HP per bounty makes it that we have a lot fewer bounties per given moment of time.

Right now I feel like the spawn rate is too low as we as an alliances have been forced to put in millions of bucks just to have some to kill. I serenely hope that HH will up the spawn rate otherwise the bounty might not even be worth it anymore considering how much cash we have been forced to spend for new bounties

Yea HH is lowering the ratios of bounties (Just because it’s annoying to see that screen if your in a spree to evolve ur heroes