Bounty event 2021

Am I delusional or what? Thank you for this sudden change, this is what it should be, but sorry for this question, apples and an old music tape! What is their relationship to the matter! B vitamins with some old-fashioned music to relax heroes nerves? Your ideas seem to have run out

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Sell for currency. So it has value. You see it as trash, but someone else can see it as treasure. Bullets, apples and all.

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Lmao so basically just for the big spenders at level 100

LOL is all I have to say

I am curious will this new tier stay permanently

Maybe it would be a good option if they rotate it with mk6


Hope so this does make bounty more exciting. I hope they add ruby bounties next, tired of gold bounties all the time.

I hope so too. It’s a waste summoning and using bonus heros for gold level bounties.

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Not all Level 100 are big spenders.

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A lot of high power players are lazy and have the nerve to expect a lot from others lol. Some level 90’s do more work then a level 98 more often then not.

Not only big spenders have level 100.


Or he started farming d3 or 4 on time

This bounty was pretty intense. I like the new milestones, I’ll have to remember to save 30 mil for each bounty now haha

The new milestones is awesome as it gives everyone something to keep striving for and to keep upgrading their rosters.

Shameless plug: If you want to hit Milestones 1 and is willing to grow and put in the work, apply to : PROTF : Pride of the Fallen. We hit M1 last night and is currently at 35th rank overall for bounty.

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What change bounty is the worst boring event in the whole game. Everytime it gets harder to reach rewards and it bounty is a waste of time. Invent something new or give the rewards in other events. Sorry bounty ist terrible and many players think the same. They play only because of the rewards

I actually like bounty and I did around 40 bil if you count all of my accounts 15 on my main alone.

I completely disagree, if you dislike bounty join teams that play aw exclusively.
Some of us dislike aw and we are bounty based.

I hate aw but I play it

I do as well but not seriously. But anyway we dont ask for it to be removed cause we dont like it lol