Bounty Spawns

Thank you devs for patching up the bounty spawning. It’s much faster and my team didn’t spend that much cash this time around, would like to see a lower cost in summons bug one step at a time I suppose. And thank you for investigating the problem, appreciate it.

Glad to see my favorite game mode getting back it’s glory :blush: even though it would have been nice to experience with the Mags, the strongest faction out there (coincidentally when both bounty events was messed up Lol)


24 missions and all 5 stages of gauntlet equaled to one spawned bounty during the missions.
I can see no improvement at all.

Edit: 11 more normal missions and three raids, still one bounty

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It’s a real rng thing, I had a lot of spawns yesterday with energy, today I used 400 energy and got 1 spawn


I didn’t say it was fixed, I said patched. And I think it improved because I only spent 1m on summons which is much better than 5m and our team has seen a lot of bounties this time around, reaching back our t25 spot

Exactly and the spawn is still slow but it’s faster than the last time imo

You summon less bountys because it is harder to kill them, therefore you need more time and heroes. Therefore there are more heroes available.

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That’s fine by me, at least I still have my 3 million in cash Lol and my team is rank 12 at the moment. This bounty satisfies me fully :blush: Lol

But for me I don’t see them being hard to kill, everything is fine on my end

I did not say hard, but is harder since magistrates dealt more damage than KLG.

Shyt my Steele, Anvil, and Beck are dealing the same amount of dmg Lol. But I get what you’re saying though considering the other two are not dmg dealers, where as the Mags whole faction are nothing but dmg dealers

Bounty spawning is great now, still a money pit though.

Thanks for fixing it HHG. I haven’t come across a single issue with it this event. Even the 1hp glitch seems to have been fixed.

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I had a couple of 1hp but this bounty is much better than the last

Spawn rate drops massively when you are top 25. Makes the event much tougher for top alliances. I spent over 10m myself on spawning!

I didn’t, 3 m and we ranked 14 Lol

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