Bounty Final Straw.... Thoughts on leaving

I know I’m not a whale or a really important person on the game but bounty was my favorite mode of all time. And the one thing was needed was to fix the rewards, nothing else. Now y’all cut the grinding which makes it too easy and not fun, PVP draft I kind of liked but a temporary fix, and u guys lie on certain things which I’d w/e but now y’all messed up bounty and didn’t even tell the players the plan which is making me want to quit the game.

Others on my team feel the same. And if other people feel the same about this update and awkward changes. You guys are going to lose the very people that loved the game and stood up for devs. Guys just stop messing with things without telling us and don’t mess with it at all.


lol whale or not if you enjoy the game you’re part of the community, hopefully it enough ppl make noise they can change it asap. as for now i say everyone just boycott it, don’t play, that’s the best way to protest their changes. especially stop spending money, that’s another way to wake them up. don’t spend a dime until they answer you

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I’m still playing it until maybe it’s just something I can’t really protest about. But yeah I’m not buying anything because this bounty thing wasn’t cool in my book and instead of throwing a temper, boycott

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My alliance ELF is a top 100 -150 event alliance week after week. We are all prepared to leave. This is horrible. It is not fun anymore. If they wanted to shorten the game they could have gone about it differently

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Look at the VIP chat. There are a lot of angry players there.


Don’t get me wrong bounty is not my favorite either but it was fun to play and chat with my alliance mates and hang out. Not the fun has been sucked out of it. Just like Many other games

Right but here’s the thing no one complained about bounties being long. The event yes for basically bragging rights. But never the bounties and then they could add the 3X Speed not cut everything in half. If I wanted to enough play something else, I would just play it

Omni from HH was on there saying the length was the reason for the adjustments

I know, I was saying on Discord and on the forum

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I love bounty it was my favorite, now it’s no point. And yeah pretty much

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I know I read it. But the explanation didn’t make sense especially when no one had a complaint about bounty besides the rewards

the initial change threw me off. like i thought my work wifi was messing up again and i had lost something until someone on discord had told me that its a change. like the 40 seconds is a thing. I dont have many high ranked heroes, so i cant kill them fast. id go through maybe 10 heroes before i can almost kill a guy (depends on the ranks and stuff) but for me, I feel like I am not doing enough damage for the short time. Sure the prizes seem a bit better and easier to reach, but i feel like the more time was the thing that fit best. They had mentioned that they will listen to the feedback of this bounty and maybe the next one that comes back, the time will be different.

I dont think a small thing like this should warrant a “final straw” to leave the game.

while making it shorter is fine, but at least make it in one stage, have it for 15 seconds then run off, wasting a few seconds is crazy

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We have way too much bounty doom and gloom post we need to consolidate it into one.

It also needs way less emotion. It’s not the end of the world.

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It’s not jist about the less time to play bounty. It’s about the lack of communication to tell players about what’s going on beforehand like mentioned in patch notes and then expect us to just let it slide when bounty was the best game mode now it’s like all the others. Boring and oppressively it takes too much to attack because I have higher heroes and I’m wasting 10* plats in two moves to finish off a 2m health

I rather it be the regular time and do the 3X speed for busy people. That’s all they had to do

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Then don’t comment. People are speaking up about bounty because bounty was the one alliance game mode and people loved it. My favorite one of all time and they cut it to not being fun at all

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I see why they attempted this 1/2 bounty, way too may heroes, I have to go through nearly 6 different team attacks, 3 times each for a 1:45 mission. It takes me nearly 25 mins of playing time every 3 hours. They will just be making more and more heroes as well so at some point it will be at a stall point. Also we all know the AI function isn’t its best, busy people shouldn’t have to suffer and lose over a quarter of their true damage worth cause of it. (not to mention any and all 3x speed is strictly for offline usage) it would be nice if they boost the star level dmg multiplier of projected faction to assist the potential lost of others.

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And you don’t get it. It’s not like I’m cursing out the devs or anything like that. If you really read the post instead of comparing it as well as making fun of it, u would understand the importance of it

3X isn’t just for offline. And the 3X would help the busy people. Bounty was for that purpose to use all the roster because people like myself who don’t play PVP can never really appreciate the power of unused heroes, then all that creativity and resources goes to waste. Bounty was the place to use every single hero and see what they’re capable of, now it’s just like every other game mode. Auto it, finish it, and repeat