Bounty is a complete disaster

Timers were changed again without notice before recharge rates for heroes were implemented.

Why not make each section of a bounty of 3 into one scene with a short timer so we can do constant damage instead of running to another environment. So we don’t flow thru bonus heroes so fast without anything to show for it. This ruins the special event we gear up for.

Why wasn’t this drafted first before changes are implemented in a live environment where rewards are at stake?

Why are the same rewards stretched to higher levels of bounty and lower rewards for the grind we already go thru instead of new higher rewards to achieve to make it worth it for my teammates to want to continue their support?

Because of PvP issues- This really ruins the event we have left to gear up for.

Update: since this post was created the developers have adjusted the timers for bonus heroes meaning the recharge rates have been adjusted/ improved.


You get the same rewards up to 30k points as before and fter that, there are new ones added.

True but are they increased as you increase efforts, resets, time, or maybe gold? As we increase We drop from 15 or 16 of every element to one 15 universal not 30 or back to 45. 45 really Wouldn’t really make much of a difference except conversion convenience but anything less is less than breaking even. So you grind more and get not 46 or 60 but another 15 universal at the highest level not even the next level. That’s my point.

I agree that there are new rewards added beyond 30k.

Damn your posts are hard to understand…

If they would have added higher value rewards, the top 30 allys would seperate themselfs even more from the rest. Sure i would like to have better rewards for reching the top milestones, but it would be bad for the overall game balance.

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Well the high players don’t get farther up as it can for those that can reach the same rewards. For those it actually helps the underdog with 1 10* vs someone who has a team of them. Who already hit the rewards faster because they can.

Until they make 15* heroes the power players are at the limit. So for those of us who can hit the rewards but need more time shouldn’t it be worth it after 3 days. If they want players to catch up it has to be something more than skins. This would do it. You’re not going to stop the power players they’re there at the level already. They separate themselves from the others yes but It’s others who are trying to climb up that it actually makes a difference to in bigger rewards they can utilize.
The only way they separate themselves from others is collecting sitting waiting for the new hero spotlight to arrive while we grow our teams they don’t.

For the rest who aren’t going to hit the higher rewards it doesn’t matter only to the ones that can by the end of bounty. For that reason.

But I agree with you in that things should be easier for lower players trying to grow and I think the added rewards does matter and make a significant difference to those players who can hit certain levels and get those rewards that were not there before.

So if I misspoken about that than I stand corrected on that position. Thank you Wallewu for that insight.

Overall, for me I appreciate the shorter duration (Im just not sure if the health reduction is proportional). Helps establish a game-life balance. Did they also adjust reset timers?

The higher prize tiers looks great but may be open for debate in both content and requirements. We have an “average” alliance in the top 100 or so, and in the previous bounties we can get the first tier by day 1. Now we have more targets.

I wouldn’t say it’s a complete disaster. They responded to community feedback. That’s always good because it’s a sign that they’re listening, regardless of how late.

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I agree. The devs have responded. This was the first bounty post in the forums. I couldn’t believe no one was posting anything when I made this. Now there’s a lot of heated opinions even with the timer adjustments already out.

I agree with the shorter duration but maybe it’s a little too quick as dogface is reloading then runs to the next scene and never gets full damage in all the time because of the short match exercises which don’t allow for such in that span.

The other point was a heads up warning like with Matador being removed from PvP store but nothing mentioned about bounty timers, or unveiled at the Magistrates updates that this was going to be happening. Let alone a draft for us to test with like on a test server for example. Just saying.

The other point was made about the rewards look if it’s more that’s better and more levels that’s better I just wish it was uniform from top to bottom in an increasing way so the better you do the better you’re rewarded. That’s all that was really about.
In essence it’s not about catching top players bounty won’t do that, the point was uniformity in levels of achievement to keep improving.

Thanks for your input.

Yeah I truly agree on the rewards tiers. The top 3 ranks for example will give you like 4 gold/plat kunais and 250 alliance currency for 50,000 additional bounty points? Rank 2 will give you 25 skin tokens? And for an additional 100,000 bounty points you get 15 universal frags for rank 1. Generally, not worth the trouble.

Haha yeah, the changes are pretty meh as usual. They usually can’t adjust/implement changes properly. Why did they decide to increase bounty requirements by the thousands but only slightly increase the rewards? I’m guessing they want people to spend gold on the resets of characters, which also remained at one hour per lightning. Common sense will dictate that if they adjusted bounty time and health, the resets should have also been decreased.

Overall, I just dump everything, wait for the resets, rinse and repeat, and see where this goes. My alliance is pretty mum about it we’re just grinding.

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