Bounty Burnout

The Bounty Event feels more and more like a tedious grind for me.

Usually I’m expected to hit around 1 billion damage. A full session of bounty-hitting takes around 45 minutes, and I might do around 100-150 million damage. That’s if I sit down and focus completely. Every 3 hours, bounty stamina refills. I have to check in and do several good sessions a day to hit my goal. But get this: people have lives outside of the game, so I’m not able to commit that hard.

Bounty isn’t fun right now, it feels like a job I don’t like. I’ve been kicked from one alliance for lackluster bounty performance, and it’s about to happen again.

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If you feel that way, simple solution is to kick back and don’t play as hard. If you can’t do that you might have a problem with game addiction and should get help (not a joke).
Join a more chill alliance and you’ll be dubbed King by them. It’s not like the rewards are a lot better in top 100 than in top 250 but the effort it takes is like 1 / 3.

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Yes!! Correct bounty has ruined lifes of many people it is not now that to play for fun it is just for grinding more and more so I’m just hating bounty and it also not offers more rewards


it’s annoying when i work so hard for bounties but my alliance only comes in 1000+ because less than half is participating
and i am their god dammed commander
sad right?

Close your eyes. Let this quote sink in. Reflect on what you wrote.
Deep breaths. Keep reflecting…

Open your eyes. Welcome back.

Do you still, after reflecting, agree with your own statement that bounty has ruined the lives of many people?

Sounds like these people were already ruined.

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If you are looking for a more chill alliance, come join the Painkillers. 30k Patrol minimum and 70 mil bounty minimum. Even with low bounty minimum we still are in the top 400. Make Bounty fun again for yourself.


Well we all have a life, true. But if you cant play that much thats not an issue buddy. You just leave your alliance and join somewhere who doesnt demand as much. If you think this game ruins lives then you have a serious issue where you yourself cant have a balance and it not a gameplay issue. But your personal not being salty actually advising. Have a reality check and know where you situate yourself. I spend a lot of time on the game. I work, i practice a sports, i cook. I clean. But the game helps out, takes off pressure and sure there are days i cant log in for more than 30 minutes to do my dailies. Its life! And always on bounties tell someone that you cant hit the mins. Find a chill alliance thats key. Other than the top 5 alliances i doubt anyone has players. Spending 12 hours concsecutively on this.

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Word, new and unknown forum poster. Well said.

Man, deep. Deep that is mate

@Joseph_Yau Sounds like you may want to do a mass purge of inactive players and recruit active ones.

@Shanegrilla Thanks, I’ll think about it.

To clarify, I still love this game and I only feel burnt out with the Bounty Event. I can play it, but not as much as a serious alliance would expect. Of course, joining an alliance that’s more relaxed would be best.

It’s really hard to convince active players to join a top 1000 alliance when there are daily opportunities for them to join a top 100-250 alliance. Been there!

Rewards arent worth killing yourself over. Its just a game, it shouldnt and wouldnt be destroying your life.

If you dont like it, dont play it.