Bounty is why I play

I only started playing approximately 2 months ago. Both months I purchased the 4.99 gold per day bundle. What really hooked me was the fun nature of the bounty. PVP only having three lives / 12 hours is annoying. I had a lot of fun trying to rack up as many points as I could in bounty. Now that I have multiple Platinum leveled characters and I understand the mechanics a little better this shortened version of the bounty just annoys me. Just as I get combinations of abilities to go off the enemy is moving or the whole thing is over. You gave us a 60% boost on ability power but even then using dog you can’t get both to trigger twice. I haven’t searched the forums to see any past complaints about the length of bounty but there sure is an abundance of complaints about how short it is now.
It all boils down, for me, to being annoyed at Bounty Now versus looking forward to it. Hopefully this changeis reversed next bounty, my 4.99 bundle is running out soon and I will not be purchasing it again until I know it is reverted.

Everyone making statements that they’ll stop buying gold like

This is actually the only game I’ve ever spent $10 on with the intent to spend more. For me, that’s huge. I’ve got a big thing with spending money on these type games where it’s all chance and you aren’t really buying anything solid. So, I generally don’t spend money. I play the ads that generate them a little income but don’t actually fork over that green.

So, maybe others spend a lot and are all bla bla bla but, for me, they’re the only game getting my money.

I’ve only played a couple months. If things are changed this drastically often, I’ll for sure move on.

So you aren’t going to purchase a $5 bundle that gives you like 1k gold and points towards VIP which in return gives you further things simply because you don’t like a minor temporary setback that doesn’t last long? Seems like it’s a loss on your end

Honestly, if this is the new bounty, I likely will play less, maybe not at all. Again, it’s really what I like about the game. PvP is too hit or miss and short lived, and the rest is auto play.

in less than 5 minutes, i was able to take down 6* Gold+2 lvl 50 Clyde. I did about 13mil damage. I had an alliance member also fight him and he probably did the rest. But Just like that, he was down.

When you say that it sounds to me that you have no good feelings at all for this game. Like you waited for the slightest minimal thing to put you off so that you could justify (another…) toxic post on this poor forum. Or you’re simply dragged down by the negative tone that’s going on currently when a lot of new people registered on the forum just to spew poop all over. I’m sorry to say it but someone who loves the game will adapt for now, see what the future brings etc. I’m sure you are excited, deep inside, to shoot pumpkins in a few days. :insert funny pumpkin but I can’t find one here:

ULFPAM, I registered to post. I actually stopped playing another game to play this one even though I had 1.5 years in it. I like this game, mostly the bounty. I get pissed that each round is over so quick and then I have to wait so long to do more. I enjoyed the length they were before, I did not need to have it reduced and play less. I actually finish a bounty run and feel like it’s pointless.

As far as (I forget your name) whoever did 13mil in one round, great. Honestly it’s not about the number of damage, it’s the fact it’s over in literally seconds. Why play if you want it to be over as quick as possible?

I never asked for shorter bounty times but here we are and it’s still playable. I adapted.
13 million in one run ain’t hard when you have a good Dogface. Add to that also a manic Clyde and aspiring Galante. Anyway I’m curious about which game you quit to from when you started Hero Hunters…?
For me it was Mavel Puzzle Quest.

you can trigger his silver twice in the new format… and even my AI frequently can actually extend Dogfaces combo to allowing for almost double it’s effectiveness… because Dogface will typically trigger his combo near the end of the first wave… and if you have at least 1 bullet with both his Silver and Bronze still active when the wave changes to the second area… Dogface’s bullets get refreshed to full… WITHOUT breaking his barrel or magazine off the gun… so you actually get to have pretty much double the Dogface combo… for free… and then you get the silver again for a nice end “finisher”. And that happens 8 out of 10 bounties I have my AI control Dogface… because I myself control my clyde for even better damage output than Dogface does (Dogface only compares when he gets his double length combo and fires it all on the bounty)

Again the end of number of damage I’m doing is not the point for me. I want to enjoy actually playing the bounties. I was a fairly active member in the forums for the other game that I played and always voice my opinions positive and negative. This is the first time posting to this form for this game. I do not want to adapt to A system that makes the game less fun to play.

For a positive note on this game I do really enjoy the drafting PVP as I feel the current system is horribly flawed.

As far as the game I came from I used to play The Walking Dead no man’s land

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