Bounty issues and feedback

Hello community,

Reading over so many anti bounty topics and seeing the level of frustration in general from the players is really sad to see. Don’t get me wrong, I for one am not a fan of the changes made nor how they were made. But in saying that, we can’t be outright offensive and abusive about it.

Feedback needs to be constructive even if negative. We want HHG to make changes because they see something as a mistake to correct. Not something done out of defence. We want them to want to make the game better. Anything forced will only be done half heartedly at best.



We have a right to be upset and deliver our voice to tell them exactly how upset we are.

I am no sugar-coater like some high profile 600+ days account holders are. Especially since one of my best pals in the game has just left and deleted their account because of this.

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Because he / she has to play shorter bounty rounds? I guess there’s more to it than this.

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