Bounty problem!

We can’t join Bounty either. What’s going on with this game? First IOS problem and now this? …


Yea it’s pretty ridiculous that they do that. Can’t participate in bounty with alliance it’s bs

I have the same proplem with my iPhone X

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I was able to start one bounty out of several that I tried - I was getting the same “Update Required” message and I’m on android (Galaxy s7). The bounty started, then I got disconnected. Now I can’t get into any bounties. There’s no update in the Google Play Store.

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Unbelievable to have an update released at the start of an event… Is there a reason it can’t be release a earlier in the week? There was, after all, an extra week between this and the last bounty event. HHG is getting as bad as Microsoft! Maybe Bill Gates has bought them out and is sharing his lame business model with them?!?

Hey guys,

This has to do with Apple holding back the 2.0 release on iOS. As we’ve discussed before, we’ve gotten in touch with them, but the issue is on their end. There’s nothing further we can do to speed up the process, as it’s an entire other company holding it up at present.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we’ll let you know as soon as Apple releases the 2.0 update.

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Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

@Muninn The Bounty problem also covers the Android system, not just the IOS.


Erm… I am on Android and it shows the very same screen. Any suggestions?

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What does an IOS update have to do with my Android version of the game and bounty?

Probably because they both need the same update

Maybe but my game has been fine for 3 days and now won’t work as soon as bounty event started.

It’s a mess but eventually it will be over and everything back to running good.

I just updated the game and it still says the same thing! I can’t join bounty!

I have android…same message. Will the bounty event be suspended until it’s fixed? Will we be compensated since we can’t contribute?

Not just Apple Android really screwing up also

I have same problem with my Android phone

App Store finally gets the update online (2.0.3)… I download, install, reboot AND STILL CAN’T GET INTO BOUNTY!!!

This is the screen that comes up: (Notice it is the same screen that started this post, but in English)


Ca devient n importe quoi ce jeu…les developpeurs sont totalement incompetent.
Hothead games ou l art de faire de la merde avec de l or, c incroyable un tel niveau d incompetence

Vous etes nul HHG, nul nul nul