PVP tournaments and Bounty.. a twofer

if they had a pvp tournament base it’s scoring on skill, as opposed to who can play 48 hours straight without breaking to eat, sleep, or sh$t, i bet the top alliances would drop off the LB.

you know what else really grinds my gears?.. bounty… if i don’t spend 3 days straight every other weekend shooting at a motionless target that takes absolutely no thought whatsoever then i can’t be apart of a decent alliance. “no sorry wifey, no beach today, i have to play my freakin mobile game all weekend or i won’t be able to play it ever again”… and that’s every other freakin weekend, i really don’t understand what this world is becoming when i seriously have said that more than once to my gf. and there’s people that have kids that play this game! i couldn’t imagine my dad that playing a video game all weekend, and he’d prob beat the shit out of me if he knew i was doing that. anyway…

bounty is very boring, it sucks, and all pvp tournaments don’t depend on skill but instead on TIME, and that my friends is more precious than money


Hold on… you were a guy this whole time?

True stuff, btw

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Pvp based on skill alone is called Hero draft. And I think we have one every two weeks. As for Bounty… Is what it is. Every free game has a game mode that requires $ or time, or both to be competetive.


Here’s an idea, delete the game? Why complain about something you willingly do? You dont HAVE to play this game lol


Join a guild where there are no requirements.

Very true !!! @Lucy_Ford my friend!! Bounty has ruined many lives and PvP also only the string will survive … As I remember , the top alliance is getting around 600k bounty points earlier but now it takes around 1 mil points and more and so happens in PvP also … the top PvP player is getting around 600mil PvP points that is impossible for a man who is not able to play more … Only grinding and grinding is left!! No one is playing for fun!! Only competition and competition … Ah! Man fck this completion so Buddy I advice u to join a casual alliance with just play-for-fun takes place … Plz and devs make something for this grinding showdown!!:cry::cry: