Worse after each update

So now April update no 1 is out. And the gameplay is worse than before the update, when it comes to the new hero, Briar.
Frag limit is set, as it was with the March update, to 8 frags a day. But with Yeager you’ve got 3-4 Yeager frags and 3-4 frags of random hero on lvl 85+. Now, all you get is 6 frags of Briar on lvl 85 AND lvl 90+. That’s it. And the daily limit is still 8 frags of Briar. So the incentive to do Dojo any lvl higher than 55 is pointless. And lvl 55 takes less time to do, so why bother with any higher lvl? I don’t get anything for it.

The chat is messed up, so they add a new channel…

The brawl is messed up… (but I’m no big fan of pvp of today so I don’t really care much about that).

Special offers is discriminating to higher VIP (which has been discussed in other posts on the forum).

As I see it, all you do now is to try make as much money as possible and not caring how you do it. Us higher VIP, who then already spent a lot of money on this game, you don’t care at all about, as I see it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that you make money if the game. But would it hurt to try to keep us older players, VIP players, and make money? I don’t see those to things as opposite things. You can do both. But, as I said, for now money making seams to be all you think of.


Just wanted to point out, the level 85 co-op raid still gives extra frags for other heroes once you reach the max for Briar. It doesn’t say so in the rewards, but I tried the 85 today and received my max Briar frags, then received some Sentry frags as well.

As for the rest of your points. I agree. It seems like HH is hemorrhaging from the loss of players and rather than try to fix the actual issues in the game, they want to slap a band-aid on it with their gimmicks and try to gouge players more than ever to compensate for loss of revenue.

It’s a shame too because HH was a really fun game. It had unique game play, amazing graphics and art, and was all around really fun to play. Why HotHead refuses to follow design cues that work for other games is beyond me. Instead of fixing things players have been asking for for months or even years like Gorgon Wakes being changed, fixing the cash scaling problem, fixing heroes in PVP like Ronin and Yeager, and fixing sandbagging/min-maxing, they choose to give us stuff like Alliance Wars which no one really wanted.

Whenever this gets brought up they either close the thread or tell us they read everything on the forums and things take time to change. How hard is it to fix something like Gorgon Wakes though? For real? Just changing the rewards to include platinum/gold stars/swords/etc. would dramatically increase the usefulness of GW overnight. Sure it would still be the same boring fight we have had forever, but at least there would be a reason to do it again for the rewards. This could be done while they work on giving us a new co-op raid in it’s place.

This is just one example. They really need to stop giving different rewards to different players too. Give everyone the same rewards, or make all versions available to everyone. Trying to tailor rewards to players based on their spending habits and what the designers think they want just creates anger and resentment in the community since some offers are worse than others.


The frag issue was apparently fixed for today, cos it wasn’t like that to begin with. Nice to see they can fix things too.

As with the rest you said: Couldn’t agree with you more.

And, this April update might be the last one I will experience… They can only f**k us so many times before we actually do quit.

And this thing with new heroes every freaking month… at least it’s down to one a month now… Most players use the same 10-15 heroes. The other 50-60 is just cannon fodder or down right useless. Until they “force” us to use them or make them better al of a sudden.

No, I’m ready getting tired of HH and HHG now. And many whom I play with/against is feeling the same.

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work Vasya, it’s a heavy schedule😎

First few days with briar pvp I got my max 8 and nothing else. 6 then 2 was a jip and the chat needs to be fixed. Countless times when it says message failed or when I log back in my message isn’t there

But why complain?

We’ve got Alliance War… And a new, dedicated, channel for it. (Don’t miss the sarcasm here…)

I like war it’s good to have a new addition

At least we can chat with each other, oh wait…


Haha krat who wants to speak with u!

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Not sure why it gets flagged, it’s like we can not be social here.

From a player who’s drunk right now, not hitting bounties because I’m partying all weekend, we celebrate our Kings birthday.

@Muninn @Huginn how dare you guys to give us 4000 gold offers when chat is fucked up.

I didn’t play since Thursday because I have more important things going on in my life, but I’m a officer in the #1 alliance in this game, this is ridiculously.

I can easily push for 10 billion damage this bounty in a day, fix chat before you put up new spending offers, it’s absurd, shame on you guys, how dare you…



(20 oofsssssssss)

Drunk Kraterios seems like my kinda guy

My future concern is that the updates will change how well the game runs and they won’t fix the issue. I have seen different games where it started out good but then the updates caused lag, crashes and made it so difficult to level up that u had to purchase things with real cash inorder to even think abt staying alive. This is one of the best games I have ever play bc you can actually have fun, compete without purchases and there is an area for everyone of all different levels to play. I still love the game and don’t plan on quitting. Unless I’m forced to.
I do wish that the developers would communicate with everyone concerning the problems that everyone is experiencing. I find it upsetting that since all these problems began the only communication from them was within forums. I get the delay of last update wasn’t there fault. But since it became such an issue and a long delay. Why didn’t they send a simple message to everyone explaining the problem and that a update (once approved) was on its way? That would had calmed many people dwn. At least it would had for me. I do still have faith believing that they will fix these issues.


The problem is that they launch an update the same day bounty starts. And it’s not the first time. And, more concerning, it’s more common than not that the update comes with several flaws/bugs.
Why not launch the updates just after bounty? Then they have two weeks to fix the bugs. Or, maybe the best option, test the update throughly before releasing it?


My experience is that updates normally and usually drop the Tuesday after a bounty event. Like, no exceptions since for as long as I can remember.

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