Briar Dojo - max 8 frags makes no sense

Why is there a maximum of 8 frags per day for the upcoming Briar Dojo coop when the level 85+ awards 6??? This makes no sense whatsoever.

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they want to limit us; just how it is, but since there is no longer an additional character to earn during these co-ops, simply just do the level 45+ co-op; I see no need to do the hardest level any more

They might change that before it goes live

You would have to only do the level 55 raid twice to get the max per day. It’s also weird the level 90 raid gives the exact same as the level 85… not that it matters with an 8 frag a day limit.

You’re right. I’m having comprehension issues today.

It will be updated before it goes live. It was a mistake, sorry guys.


It’s live now though. Not fixed yet

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When is this update supposed to happen? And will we get reimbursed like last time with yeager ?

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