Bring them back!

Heronium Store 375 = 25 Skin Tokens
3,000 Heronium = 200 Skin Tokens = :point_up:t2: 1 Skin Crate
6,000 Heronium = 2 Crates :v:t2:
2,700 Alliance Store Gems = 75 Skin Tokens (Limit 3 Per Day, if NO ONE ELSE in your Alliance takes them)
900 Alliance Store Gems = 25 Skin tokens
3 Days :sunrise_over_mountains: (if you’re lucky)
:dizzy_face: 7,200 Alliance Store Gems = 200 Skin Tokens = :point_up:t2: 1 Skin Crate
1 :keycap_ten::star: Star Hero Fragment = 50 Heronium
60 :keycap_ten: :star: Star Hero Frags = :dizzy_face: 3,000 Heronium = :point_up:t2: 1 Skin Crate

107 Skins Available, which means you have a (1/107) = (0.9%) Chance :confused: to get The One You Wanted. Those are just the odds of opening 1crate/107skins, this doesn’t even include the Decreased Odds of Skin Rarity. So you have to open many crates to get the skins you want, which I have. After spending countless hours collecting and spending Hundreds of Thousands of Alliance Store Gems and Heronium Gems to Buy enough Skin Crate Tokens to open countless Skin Crates (which over half of them were friggin Duplicates…) I get the skins I want and to add insult to injury I Have to Upgrade the skins with More Skin Crate Tokens— and now… The reason I spent all that time :clock230: (and money) :money_with_wings: to Get the Skins I wanted BECAUSE they Had a Critical Chance Bonus to them, I was stoked. I changed My Entire Play Style around my Critical Chance Bonus Skins and Skills. I won Countless PVP Tournaments in top 25 or better BECAUSE OF THESE SKIN BONUSES!
The skins were perfect before, because there would be 2 choices, a skin that gave your Hero Extra Damage :boxing_glove: (a set amount that you could depend on) or the skin that did not give your Hero Extra Bonus Damage, but a gamble, :slot_machine: an increased Chance that your Hero might “Might” do Critical Damage, you weren’t guaranteed the increased number of Critical Attacks, your odds were only increased that they could. So you could choose the Stronger Skin with guaranteed added damage, or you could choose the weaker skin and gamble your odds with an increased chance, most would pick the guaranteed bonus, so why!?! Take this away.
Critical chance skilled Hero’s Depended on these Skin Bonuses, because their own Critical Chance was already soooo tiny that these skills rarely ever happen and now so much more than ever because the skins have changed, making many of my Hero’s with Critical Chance Skills basically USELESS! Which is another insult to injury because these very Hero’s are the ones I’ve spent thousands of hours in the last two and half years and god knows how much :moneybag: ACTUAL MONEY :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ve invested on this game (for reference, I’m VIP LEVEL :keycap_ten:! Never wanted to exceed VIP 1).
All I want is the Skins Returned back to Normal, because I can’t play this game anymore if my whole strategy and time invested in studying each Hero’s specific details and comparing what’s the most efficient way to win (and even creating an Entire YouTube Channel dedicated to helping everyone win at this game, with my 200+ Subscribers) has all been in-vain… :worried:


All I know is… Mauler literally got the hardest punch on his face

Edit:Thanks! At least some1 really cares & have a good topic… Otherwise,it was really funny to see same kind of comments from same ppl on all topics which always says “wow,I’m soo excited,great/awesome work,really amazing,it looks great,I like that thing & etc etc etc”
Being rational is really tough these days!

Thank u for bringing this topic!

Edit:Well,after watching that pic I didn’t read the rest of the infos… Cuz, nation already knows who m i :slight_smile:


You do know you can use Nano Dust to buy the skins you want? If you keep getting duplicate skins then just buy the specific ones with the dust you get from duplicates


and dust is more available if you save it from getting dupe skins from each monthly skin coop raid, never had an issue with getting new skins

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Need more skin things, yes I have like all of them except four (from the normal crate) but skin tokens are just too freaking rare. And you only get nanodust from skin crates by duping skins. Also the vault crate is just obscenely rare. Seriously… We’ve gotten opportunity for them 3 times this year if that, and then it was one or two of them. Sorry for ranting.

I don’t think he knows you can outright buy the skins you want (most of them) with Skin Dust…:open_mouth:

Imagine how much he would have saved for the skins he wanted, oi!

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In the future I hope nano dust can be used to upgrade the skins level too…

Yes I know I can use Nanodust, I just left it out because it was besides my point & I didn’t want to drag this out any longer than I already have. I’m rarely ever one to complain & generally roll with the punches :cyclone: :boxing_glove: but this change was below the belt. :confounded:

EVERYONE… Yes I know, I have almost every available skin now (that’s besides the point) back to my issue at hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2: the Deletion of CRITICAL CHANCE BONUS from the skins (I know there is still a couple left like Steele’s Legendary skin) but I want the skins Critical Chance increase back for my Hero’s that greatly help in pvp, like the ones for Moss, Francoise, Ryker, Matador, Caine, Beck & I think Nightingale; because Hero’s like Moss & Caine are pretty much garbage for me now compared to before the Critical Deletion. I’ve spent so much time & energy into these Hero’s, building them up & making them stronger because of all the trial & error testing which Hero’s Skills work perfect with other Hero’s skills. My pvp win average was probably 90% with all the different combinations of my Critical Chance Hero’s & now my pvp win average is more like 30%! (& yes I’ve tested this over & over to make sure it wasn’t just the same Hero’s I was playing against but all that I came across) it’s ridiculous… You know how it feels to play pvp over & over & constantly lose? It makes you want to just give up & delete the game entirely. You need to enjoy the challenge & use your knowledge to be your best, but when the main factor in your strategy has been ripped out, all that practice & learning & strategizing bites the curb & gets stomped on, you’re left with what? What I got, a steamy pile of dying remains…

If the lack of Critical Chance bonus is keeping you from winning, there may be other things you can look at that may improve your play! Try new team comps, level up your Heroes, and practice. I wouldn’t recommend relying on a single chance-based stat as your gameplan.

Thanks for your feedback! There are no plans to add Critical Chance bonus back onto the Skins it was removed from.


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