Skins stuck

Previously getting the skin was something personal effort in each PVP round was stopped and replaced by luck


The raid exclusive and holiday skins are supposed to be for a limited time and you can still earn skin tokens from the store for a crate and save dust


You’re not wrong, they totally made getting skins rather terrible, it’s actually a good thing they stopped it until they could rethink their premise.

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Spoken like an endgame player with nothing to spend alliance gems on.

Think of the little people!

You can buy skin tokens from the Alliance store and Heronium store, if you get duplicate skins and if you have all the other skins except a few you will likely end up getting a lot of dust. From this you can just purchase the skins you don’t already have minus the Holiday and Special Skins which have their own seperate events.

300 or 900 jewelery for 20 I see it exaggerated and not worth losing 900 stones from Heronium store for 20 skins

Thanks u Right… good points

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It wasn’t about whether it’s worth it or not, the OP asked how to unlock them and that is the only given way to do it currently.

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