Game very unstable

I think HH team need to stop working on new heroes for a while and work on fixing issues with the game. War is very laggy, co-op pvp is messed up, matchmaking doesnt work properly… these are just a few things amongst others that need fixing. Theres no point introducing new heroes each month if the game doesnt run properly.

HH devs… please sort out issues with the game as its not fun to play if we keep getting kicked from co-op rsids or other modes and get matched with super strong teams even though our teams arent that unbalanced etc.

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HH have separate branch that works on heros and ones that fix bugs and ensures flawless gameplay.

  - Doom The Great
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Investing more on Engineers who fix bugs & errors will encourage them more rather than on people who make heroes those are too awesome that many players only work on them for wars & for a little bit benefits during pvps events of that featured hero… Nothing against anyone who devoted their time to make any hero & they’re concepts, i always admire the efforts they put in animations… Many players ignore those small details which took good amount of efforts/time…like how stratus shoot(her animations seems really nice) & hope least amount of errors can also be expected in future to enjoy these interesting things in hh.

But, yes… it is hh’s thing and no matter whatever we advice or think our ideas are good there must be something which will counter it…I’m pretty sure devs are trying their best to find solution of every issue but, barely see any major changes in anything.

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