Reaching level 100

What about a double xp event for people at higher levels, reaching level 100 is gonna take months, maybe its a good idea?

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Maybe we want people to not be at level 100 on day 1 of an update :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s meant to be a longer-term goal, and a challenge.


I know but most people won’t even play as long as to the point they get ruby, for players Its a daaaaamn big challenge then

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I drew some 6months people arrive at 100

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Yes, that is a great challenge to will and I think some will be desperate for him. Here you can distinguish yourself !
Calculate your steps from now until u reach 100
Do not forget to carry with you! Ointments, medications for knee muscles, knee cartilage and spare shoes !
Consider yourself in a marathon

Some humor makes the walk easier :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I am in the middle of the urge to continue, but it is shaky, but at the same time I pity the people who are at the beginning of the game :hugs:

I told myself maybe around August i’d make it to 100. Already a small step into 91, so im making progress

It’s not bad anymore, it would be stupid to be at level 100 in 3 days

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