Bucket Fragments

Is there any other way to get Bucket fragments apart from coop raids? I just got her but i want to boost her

I think there is a offer right now where you can buy some of the frags from there, but if you do have elemantal fragments then put it in

Two words:
Heronium store

Even a smart f2p player could easily 8 star Bucket if they immediately get her.

I am far from smart and definitely not a f2p player but I managed to to get her to 8 stars right after her release.
Now I am saving frags for Yeager. I hope to get him to 8 as well. Poop is, that I expected Kurtz to be the new hero so I spend a few weeks saving mech frags instead. I can of course save these, or use them to make another heronium farm (Panzer?).

Just keep a backup of 1000 of each element at all times :smiley: That’s what I do!

That is unfortunately impossibru!
Too many heroes to star up! I am glad I didn’t fall for the impulse to spend my energy frags (200-ish) on Sentry some days ago.
Should be one week till Yeager lands, I have 200 energy frags and 150 of those universal ones. I should be able to gather enough for 8* promotion during this week.

Oof… I start to get stressed out if I ever have less than 600 of an element… Right now I’m sitting at 920 energy, 940 mech, 820 bio, and 2400 universals.

When I think of Heronium farms, I think of Heros that are easy to get frags for (PVP store, Gauntlet store, Hard mode missions, and daily tasks). I dont see Panzer being a good Heronium farm, unless they put her in one of the stores as an update.

She might be added in the next update, we don’t know.
Could still farm her from hard mode though.
She’s my closest to 10* I have ATM.