Update to Daily Frag Cap in Heronium Store

It’s been over a year since the daily elemental frag limit was capped to 60 frags per element. Since that time, HH has come out with many new heroes. With all the new heroes but the same 60-limit cap, it makes it more difficult for newer or returning players to catch up. (I.e., as each new hero comes out, the ability to only obtain 60 elemental frags in a day loses more and more value.)

I think it might be time to consider raising the daily limit of elemental frags proportionally to the number of new heroes that have come out since the cap began. Perhaps an 80 or 90 frag-a-day limit would be about right.

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The cap needs to be raised but they won’t do it because that way it puts a limit on how fast endgame players grow. If you can buy unlimited fragments from heronium or even double then you grow twice as fast and you’re less likely to buy the feature crate tokens from special offers or gold for energy. It’s done to stop you growing so they can give you monetary options in replace of it.


I do agree, but… most players in “endgame” already have all 10 star heroes or close to that. And newer players don’t even get heronium yet, or just a little maybe. I agree with this cuz with two heroes coming out every month, like he said, it’s hard to stay caught up. 80-90 frags sounds reasonable… it’s not a tone of frags, nor unlimited, but is a decent amount for us to stay caught up. Plus we can only get a certain amount of heronium daily anyway. Maybe something the devs could consider…


I spend Heronium on Platinum parts with all the Frags now and I still have a ton to spare. A Minor frag bump does sound reasonable.


Thanks for the feedback. We have no plans to remove or change this cap, but I’ll pass your thoughts along.


There is no issue with 60 being the cap per bio, mech and energy frags. Over 4 weeks, buying all 180 total per day you get 5040 frags per 4 weeks(4 weeks is average update cycle) to 10* a hero you need a total of 2625 fragments. So the min a player can reliably farm 9k heroism daily they could 10* 2 heros a month on average. Add how many more free cheats we get now on the update calendar(10-15 on average) shouldn’t be a issue. Focus on getting heros who are in hard missions to 10 asap and those who appear regularly in the gaulent/pvp store and pvp chest. Once I got my 9k per day average established, took me about a year to 10* all and now I have 2-4 thousand of all frags saved and all heros unlocked 10*

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I disagree. While there are more heroes out and the elemental fragments from the Heronium store have a diminished value, there are TONS of ways HH has increased the rate you get hero frags. You now get extra hero frags from doing the daily co-op, from AW, and crate tokens from bounties. None of these things existed before.

As Immortalloon points out, you almost have enough elemental frags to full level 2 heroes to 10 stars per month. If you still have a huge surplus of heronium, spend it on the universal frags.

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