Butter, Nightingale, and/or Flatline?

Hey guys just wanna ask, If I were to choose two from the three (Butter, Nightingale and Flatline) to put in my team who should I pick ?

Nightingale and Flatline are both great healers, with Nightingale more on quick healing and Flatline on revives, but Butter’s shields can be really useful too. I’m not sure who to not use ;/

IMO Butter is currently the most useful support hero there is.


Like @ULFPAM said, Butter is great. However, Flatline is hands down the best support in the game once you have her at Gold rank. Butter and Flatline fill different roles though as shielding and healing are relatively independent of each other. You’re best passing on Gale for now and keeping Flat & Butters both in your squad.

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He’s definitely up there. If I play against him, there’s a very good chance he takes the cake for MVP, and by a wide margin. I think his team shield is better than any team heal at an equal level, and he casts it at an ok speed.

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PvE - Flatline and Night are probably better
PvP - Butter for long term; harder to eliminate too, especially with added support. Flatline doesn’t last long in PvP usually imo

what is your main team first?
it technically depends on who is in your team as if there are a lot of healers butter would fit.
it there are group healers who heal whole team, nightingale would prove sufficient.
however, if there are burst healers, flatline would be best.