My best hero team

Ok so my best team is Flatline Oracle Butter Bucket and Nightingale


For now. Soon you’ll grow your roster and reach a higher level. Experiment with different teams and find another team you can use. Variety tends to help at times.

Work on getting those star rank higher before you go for platinum.


Your team is good, but in my opinion you should swap oracle with a mech hitter. If you face a team having atleast 2-3 mech heroes ypu would be at a disadvantage. Also you should work on the stars before boosting their levels.

Let’s see here, energy, bio, energy, energy, energy. No mech. Not good. You desperately need to switch out oracle or nightingale with a mech damage dealer. The easiest to upgrade is kunochi. try her


As I said before you need a good mech hitter for having a higher success rate

I personally recommend getting some more damage dealers in there. You have solid defenses for your level, but won’t make much impact on most enemy teams. I also agree with getting some MECH damage dealers, too many energies and you’ll get chewed out too quickly.

Some good ones to start out with are Hideo, Dogface, Panzer, Shivs, Kunoichi, and Marlowe.