Campaign Mode Toggle

It would be an excellent user experience upgrade if there was a toggle between normal and hard mode campaign missions in the equipment locator feature of the hero upgrade section. I love to farm equipment from hard mode to get those extra frags but it is an absolute pain to have to jump out of the upgrade section in order to get to the hard mode location of the gear I am after.

Anyone else think that would be great?


Yea, it is annoying that it only shows you the normal places the gear could be found, and not hard places. I wouldn’t mind the list just being a little longer and also showing us the hard locations where the gear can be found. Often, it’s possible to farm the gear and heronium/desirable-hero-frags simultaneously, but it is very tedious and laborious to check every hard level manually.



You got to Love the dedication Raz has to Hero Hunter’s! :raised_hands::muscle:
Yes it would be a great update however I wonder if leaving hard missions out is another implemented strategy to gain on others…??


Wow Raz. Just wow. Still doesn’t improve the user experience but this is awesome.

I am very confused…when I am in any of my heroes and farming the gear they need for an upgrade, I am presented with normal, hard, and extreme missions where the same item can be found.