Show hard mission's items in "find in:"

Has been posted before and probably the biggest annoyance in the game which is probably easily solved as frags are indicated already.

One previous closed topic on this subject I’ve found: Show hard mode missions in the “Find In” list for gear

Why do I think it’s important? Mainly due to the infrequent drop rate in the normal mode. So after the daily quest for normal I tend to focus on hard mode that has a better drop rate although at a higher cost.


Hey, I made that post :slight_smile: I completely agree. I think it’s lazy that it hasn’t already been added.

I believe the answer given by a dev once was something along the lines of “we don’t want hard mode to be the focus for farming gear”. Lame. How about let the players decide for themselves instead of thinking you know better than the players and imposing a certain play style. Silly that such an easy improvement has been dismissed like it was.

For what it’s worth though, I believe a dev has confirmed in the past that there isn’t a difference in drop rates between normal and hard missions. Though it certainly seems like there is.

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I’m pretty sure there is a difference in droprate. At the least you get multiple different items nore frequently.

I’m not disagreeing that it feels that way. Just saying that if memory serves me correctly, then devs have explicitly stated that the drop rate is the same.


I get that except for the first sentence. Which doesn’t really make sense especially considering the rest.

@Rh4uk0 What do you mean? Nothing he said contradicts anything else he said from what I can see,

Well, those two are kinda contradictory. But it’s obvious that he meant drop rates of the shown items, not the bonus items.

I guess I didn’t think about that, but yes you’re correct in that this is strictly regarding the shown rewards.

Reading the original topic it makes sense.

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