Hard Mode Fragment Mission Drops, By Item

This has made my energy use a lot more efficient, since the hero menu will only link normal missions when find gear for your heroes. This way you can get your gear and the hero shards, and hopefully save some time.


Wow Excel at that Lol thanks

What would be nice are drop rates behind :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for this! It will help relieve some of the tediousness of farming for gear.

This is up to 5-2 btw (as far as I got). I’ll update it when I have all of 5 done. There’s also 2 mistakes in here, the the second two of the locations for throwing knives are actually throwing stars, and one of the bronze gloves is a green glove. Must have been a sorting error. If any one wants to post the drops from past 5-2 hard mode, I’d be happy to update it earlier!

Wow nice!

This is something that should have been already integrated in the game’s system. LOL maybe at VIP 13 *eyerooolll

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Any update on this? Or perhaps you could share the table and allow others to contribute?