Show hard mode missions in the "Find In" list for gear

I’ve seen this posted before, but I can’t find it by searching and I was unsatisfied by the replies so I’d like to reopen it for discussion. The response from the dev in the thread was that HHG doesn’t feel that hard missions should be the primary method for getting gear, and so they chose to only list normal missions in the list.

Why not leave that up to the players to decide how they want to farm? A facet of good game design tends to be that players can choose to play how they want in order to progress. Furthermore, I have a difficult time understanding how it would ever be a GOOD idea to consciously restrict the user interface from showing relevant information. If, as a user, I’m looking for some info on where to get something, it’s a little ridiculous that it’s artificially hidden from me despite every single other source (crates, stores, etc) being shown.

To drive this point, here’s an example. If I’m farming a certain piece of gear and I have the option to get that gear from a hard mission (albeit less effectively) AND get hero frags, why would I ever NOT want to know that it’s a possible option to do so?


I agree it would be nice to see where all the gear frags are without having to search each mission. I especially like to take advantage of getting necessary gear and scoring hero frags by watching an advertisement to save tickets/energy.

In compiling my crafting guide, I started looking at hard missions and what gear they dropped from each. The majority of the hard mode missions dropped the same items as its normal mode counterpart.

For example, here’s a screenshot of one of the gear items and where each piece can be found.

All the missions in bold on the left indicate that item can be found in that missions normal and hard mode, the missions on the right are hardmode specific missions that dropped that item.
All though there are some special cases, the majority of items can be found in the same hardmode and normal mission.
If there is a big interest in this again, I can try to get around to finishing all the hard mode missions up until what I have unlocked so far (9-1)

(yes this is an outdated screenshot but the message is still the same)

Interesting, thanks for the reply. I guess I hadn’t looked into it enough to realize that. It’s still frustrating to me though not being able to just click into the hard mode mission from the “Find in” list like you can with normal missions. Without that, you need to look at the normal mission list, then find the corresponding hard mission, and you also lose the gear tracker that says how many of the item you have versus how many you need.

True, but like you stated above, they are not really the means of acquiring gear. The most you would get for an item is 3 if you were lucky enough to get it each time. If you REALLY want to use hard missions as a way to get gear, I would check the normal missions that it give the item and just do the hard mode version instead.

If I need 20 gold knives, I’m probably not going to hard missions to get them all. If I’m at 19/20 then maybe I’ll see if there’s a hard mission that also gives shards and do it my 3 times.

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