Shipyard, add 2-3 extra seconds before the match starts

What I find frustrating about Shipyard is that unlike other maps, the match starts right away after the loading screen. This gives us no time to prepare where all our enemies are located and to choose which hero we want to control. And by the time I switch to the hero I want to control, the AI has usually already wasted some ammo hitting a target I don’t really want it to.

It would be nice to add 2-3 seconds at the start of the match just like in other maps.

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I’ll pass this along to the devs in charge of that level!

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Also, one other thing I have noticed…there is a 2ish second delay once a match starts and you can contol your hero…but the AI is active during that time. I’ve had heroes lose half their health in that first 2 seconds, which seems completely strange, could be have it so that the AI AND THE PLAYER get control at the exact same time?


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