Candy Corn Cash Conversion

The event states that unspent corns will be converted into cash. How much will a corn be worth?
My assumption is less than the ratio used for the two cash items in the store but I don’t have much more to go on. I partially ask because if, for example, you bought all the smaller items first, you may end up with a large bag of kernels that can’t actually be spent on the remaining large item(s). Or, you might not see the value in some of the items and may prefer cash in lieu of said items (depending on the exchange rate).


+1 Would love to know too. Not planning on buying the skins in hope that the conversion is.half decent. Bucks always an annoying constraint during updates

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I am wondering about this also. Particularly as they are giving Candy Corn away as part of the Halloween Brawl. Some people will have a ton left over by the shut off time.

From what I’ve heard from the devs, you are much better off spending all your candy corn. Even if you’re desperate for cash - spend it.

I don’t plan on buying the xp or fuel cells at all. They are literally worthless to me since I have thousands of each and nothing to use them on.

I already bought the skin tokens, both hero skins, hero/elemental frags, and will be buying the remaining cash. After that I am letting the rest of my candy corn cash out. Even if I get a 1:1 ratio of bucks, it’s still better than xp or fuel cells.